Double Suicide Attack in Baghdad Kills Dozens

by Rehan Qamar Another horrific incident occurs in Iraq, adding to the increasing country death toll, as a twin suicide bombing occurs in central Baghdad. According to the Iraqi

Islam Amongst World’s Fastest Growing Religions

by Rehan Qamar According to researchers, by 2040, Islam is estimated to be the second largest religion in the United States. The current largest religion in the US is Christianity

Pipe Bomb Explodes Near New York Bus Terminal

by Rehan Qamar An attempted terrorist attack struck the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue near Times Square on Monday morning. Three were injured causing c

World Leaders Condemn Mogadishu Bombings

by Rehan Qamar World leaders from all regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada and France have condemned the weekend truck bombing in the Somali capita

Mogadishu Bombing: Deadliest Attack in Decades

by Rehan Qamar “Aamin ambulance service was established in 2008 and we have never seen such devastation. Not even in our dreams,” Abdulkadir Abdirahman, director of Mogadishu'

Authorities Shoot and Kill Suspect of Barcelona Attack

by Rehan Qamar Tragedy hit as a car plowed through a crowd in Barcelona, Spain last week. 13 people were killed, with more than 100 injured, in the terrorist attack that occurred

Harun Yahya – Unawareness—A Sly Threat

Other characteristics Such people overreact to events, do not trust Allah and behave rebelliously. But believers know that Allah controls everything and so trust Him completely, r