A Muslim rights group is taking the Kent County Sheriff's Office to court for forcing a Michigan woman to remove
By Mahvish Akhtar On June 1, 2023, Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf Chief Imran Khan and his party is filing lawsuits against the
By Yousuf Ali Professor Tariq Ramadan was acquitted of rape charges in his native Switzerland on Wednesday, May 24. In
by TMO Staff Dr. Basheer Ahmed latest book launched in July 2022, “The Rise and Fall of Muslim Civilization: Hope
By Yousuf Ali Turkey held a runoff presidential election between Kemal Kilicdaroglu and President Recep Tayyib Erdogan. Erdogan prevailed with
By Mahvish Akhtar On May 27, while meeting with Journalists and Lawyers at his Zaman Park residence in Lahore, PTI
by Kathryn Post When Devin Brooks reported for training in West Virginia early last year for his new security guard
By Zubair Ahmad Sheikh The Muslim Ummah has a rich history of producing prolific scholars, scientists, and intellectuals who shared
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Islam was never in danger, nor were Muslims. Islam claims to be a God-guided faith. How
by Etienne Bouche The Russia-Islamic World Forum will begin in Kazan, southwest Russia, on Thursday. The two-day event was first
by Samira Asma-Sadeque from The Guardian It took the US consulate seven minutes to reject Nabil Ahmed Shabbir’s visa application.
Update since original publication:Pakistan’s Supreme Court orders the release of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on May 11. By Mahvish
By Yousuf Ali Israel resumed its periodic bombing of Gaza in response to rockets from the Islamic Jihad group on
by Paurush Omar from The Hindustani Times Former President Donald Trump has privately told close associates that he plans to
by Rehan Qamar While several people celebrated Eid and the diversity of Muslims in office on May 1 at the
U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden hosted a reception to celebrate Eid Al Fitr on Monday afternoon in the
by TMO Staff Making history Saturday, Gov. Phil Murphy signed a proclamation designating January as Muslim Heritage Month in a
by TMO Staff In a letter filed early Monday, former President Donald Trump's lawyers argued for a mistrial in his civil
By Munir M Hasan, PhD After listening to a number of commentators and the legal experts in TV programs, I am
by Niraj Warikoo from the Detroit Free Press As the religious and cultural diversity of Michigan grows, some are hoping
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah A review of Dr. Hasanuddin Hashmi's work on Islamic Jurisprudence. The book is available at Islamic Center,
by Azher Quader President, CBC Hint # 1 - who do u fear the most? Hint #2 - what do u
By Yousuf Ali On Saturday April 15, rival factions within the Sudanese armed forces started fighting. In particular, the Rapid
by Rehan Qamar The Minneapolis City Council voted to allow broadcasts of the Athan or Muslim call to prayer at all times,
By Yousuf Ali On Sunday April 9 envoys from Saudi Arabia and Oman joined peace talks between competing factions in
Reposted from Al Jazeera On March 30, nearly 5,000 people poured into the streets of north Mumbai to participate in
by Rehan Qamar An Imam is in stable condition after being stabbed while conducting fajir prayer on Sunday morning at
by Khalid Rizvi As I set out on my journey to Al-Quds on November 24th, 2022, via King Hussain bridge
By Dawood Zwink former TMO staff member "If you save the life of even one person, it will be as
by Hannan Adely Nadia Kahf, a hijab-wearing attorney from Wayne, drew a standing-room crowd at the Passaic County Courthouse last