by TMO Staff By Wednesday night, every major city in Ukraine was under attack as Russian bombs targeted Kharkiv, Odesa, Kramatorsk, and Kyiv. According to Daily
by Aysha Qamar As hate crimes across the country continue to increase, places of worship are particularly being targeted. Across the country,
By Yousuf Ali This American Life released a podcast about the Trojan Horse Affair which was a situation in which
by Harris Imam The following is part of a series- read the first part here, part two here, and part three
by Rehan Qamar At least three states have advanced a 15-week abortion plan this week. The decisions come ahead of
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah She is now the face of Islam. History chose this hijab-wearing, veiled Muslim girl to symbolize
by Aysha Qamar Days after a new report found that hate crimes against Asian Americans rose by 339% in 2021 compared
by Zain Ahmed Seven-Time Super Bowl Champion and Three-Time MVP, Tom Brady officially announced retirement on Feb.1, 2022, after 22
This article was first published in by Pieter Friedrich When US Senator and then-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders criticized then President Donald Trump’s
By Yousuf Ali There was a fire at the Al-Huda Islamic Association in Dearborn on Warren Avenue on Saturday, Feb.
by Aysha Qamar When a 31-year-old Muslim man was shot to death in his car, little to no information was
By Yousuf Ali On Feb. 5, a Moroccan boy by the name of Rayan Oram, aged five, died after being
by Saeed Khan Hamtramck is not only one of the most ethnically diverse parts of the Metro Detroit area; it
By Yousuf Ali Canada has a reputation for being multi-cultural and tolerant of other ways of life and races including
The following is part of a series- read the first part here, and part two here by Harris Imam After an incredible
by Aysha Qamar After a plea deal that could have lowered their sentences was rejected, two men who killed Ahmaud
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Amnesty International declared Israel an apartheid state, a fact Palestinians had long believed. In its 300
by Zain Ahmed “The Legacy Continues”, was a memorable event hosted by Miftaah Institute with UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov,
by APIA Vote - MI On January 27, a resolution to recognize World Hijab Day in Michigan was passed as a
by Aysha Qamar A plea agreement that could have disposed of charges pending in a hate crimes trial for two
By Jillian Kestler-D'Amours The following was republished from Al Jazeera Quebec City, Canada - Mohamed Labidi stops under the archway, his feet
by Nida A Imam The following is part of a series- read the first part here Every shop we visited in
by Aysha Qamar President Joe Biden announced his latest round of judicial nominees on Wednesday. What’s so exciting about this?
by Nida Imam Update as of Jan. 21 In a statement posted to the court's website Tuesday, Krot apologized for
by TMO Staff A hostage situation occurred at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on Sunday with four people held hostage
By Mahvish Akhtar The Pakistani government has been facing turmoil with the new Taliban-led Afghan government in terms of border
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  With the demise of Mohammed Hashir Faruqi, the world not only lost an eminent journalist but
by Nida Imam With the start of this new year, I feel compelled to gleefully reminisce on an international trip
by Yousuf Ali The latest situation regarding covid has been severe with the pandemic hitting a record due to rise
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  An American human rights activist is on a hunger strike protesting the persecution of Christians and