by Dr. Aslam Abdullah During the last seven decades, no other religious community has suffered more than Muslims in wars
by Aysha Qamar A school in the northeast of Paris has joined students in the movement against France’s school abaya
by Aysha Qamar A Canadian man who is accused of running down four members of a Canadian Muslim family with
by Samana Aslam COLUMBUS, OH--Ohio's Special Election took place on Aug. 8, deciding the future fate of the abortion amendment
by Aysha Qamar Food rations to an additional two million Afghans will be cut this month, the UN World Food
By Mahvish Akhtar The Barbie movie has changed the way we look at movies, advertisements, and promotions of a product
by Rehan Qamar New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Edward A. Caban
By Yousuf Ali The Danish government presented a bill on Friday, that could lead to a ban on publicly burning
Pakistani authorities on Monday handed out thousands of dollars to nearly 100 Christian families whose homes were destroyed or damaged
By Mohammed Allie A Quran - neatly handwritten more than 200 years ago by an Indonesian imam who had been
By Mahvish Akhtar Pakistan’s government institutions have been dissolved to prepare for an upcoming national election later this year. These
by Yousuf Ali Said Boukioud, a 48-year-old Moroccan man, has been sentenced to five years in jail for his critical
by Samana Aslam In a passionate display of solidarity and concern, Michigan-based advocacy groups took to the streets of Detroit
By Yousuf Ali The global academic and interfaith communities are mourning the passing of Dr. Shabbir Akhtar, a highly regarded
by Aysha Qamar Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said he is "extremely worried" about the consequences if more demonstrations burning
by Dr A abdullah, If anyone thinks that by burning the Quran, they would destroy Islam and diminish divine power,
M Basheer Ahmed M D The Martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet of Islam, occurred on the
by Aysha Qamar The BBC has issued an apology after a reporter asked an “inappropriate” question during a FIFA Women's World Cup
By Yousuf Ali According to Al Jazeera, a new law passed by the Israeli parliament has raised concerns about the
by Rehan Qamar British real-estate tycoon has been given the go-ahead to build a three-story Islamic center inside the Trocadero,
by TMO Staff Kuwait announced this week that it will print thousands of copies of the Quran in Swedish to
by Murtaza Hussain from The Intercept THE CULTURE WAR raging throughout American politics has, of late, created an unexpected alliance between
By Yousuf Ali At the beginning of July, Israeli forces raided Jedin killing at least 10 Palestinians in what it
by Mahvish Akhtar Pakistan has been facing a financial crisis since the Ukraine war. The economic and allyship it was
by Aysha Qamar Muslim-majority countries across the globe are condemning the burning of a copy of the Quran outside a
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Since the late 70s, Islam and Muslims have occupied the public and intellectual discourse worldwide. While
By Mahvish Akhtar President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was sworn into his third presidential term last week. “I, as president, swear
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  Hajj is one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith. However, it is more than
by Rehan Qamar The US Senate confirmed Nusrat Jahan Choudhury as a federal judge, making her the first Muslim woman
By Mahvish Akhtar Afghanistan has been the world’s largest opium producer and supplier for decades. This is a natural agricultural