Press release provided by Nadia Ahmed from Barry University As the United States is expanding use of low carbon energy
This first was published on The Incision. by Abdul El-Sayed Unlike COVID, Monkeypox shouldn’t be so hard to fight. So
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Medina was still a city with non-Muslims in the majority. The total number of Muslims in
by Aysha Qamar A Columbus man has been charged in relation to the viral story of a pregnant 10-year-old girl
by Aysha Qamar “I feel like something’s been lifted off of my shoulders.” Finally speaking his truth, Olympic legend Sir
by Rehan Qamar Pakistani American Khizr Khan Gold Star father and founder of the Constitution Literacy and National Unity Centre
By Rumki Chowdhury “Whose house are we going to visit next?” My girlfriends and I asked each other as we excitedly
By Muslim Mirror Network Founding member of Alliance to Save and Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists (ASPAIRE) Masood
By Asiya Bharadia Reposted from Muslim Girl There are several moments in our lives when we feel helpless and question why
by Aysha Qamar Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 21 years in federal prison on Thursday, seven
by Zia Ahmad She loves coffee, spicy chicken burgers and exclamation marks, and rocks a hijab. And on Monday 20
by Sabriya Imami First published on the Michigan Daily and republished here with permission from the author. “Ms. Marvel” is
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah We all have heard that the first ten Nights of Dhul-Hijjah are the best days of
by Kaleem Kawaja In the last one week a huge number of young men, mostly non-Muslims have indulged in rough
by Yousuf Ali For decades, there has been tension in Northwestern China between the Chinese government and the native Uyghur
By Mahvish Akhtar In Bangladesh, flooding-related incidents, including electrocutions and landslides, have killed at least 22 people, according to officials.
by Muqtedar Khan In this Khanversation about the coming Midterm Elections, Senator Ghazala Hashmi from Virginia (Dist. 10), Salam al-Marayati,
From the desk of Erum Ikramullah, Research Project Manager, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding You don’t hear from me often.
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah He was an Arab, spoke the Arabic language, traveled mainly in Arabic-speaking areas, and spoke with
by Mike Ghouse   Indian Muslims and Christians are the most non-violent people on the earth; despite enduring lynchings, harassment,
By Yousuf Ali Concerns about the state of Indian religious minorities particularly Muslims resurfaced in the aftermath of the demolition
by Mujeeb Osman Chicago-June 13, 2022 The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago and the United Muslims Front of Chicago
by Aysha Qamar As the Jan. 6 insurrection hearings commence, other information unrelated to the terrorist attacks from that day
by Brandi Buchman; Republished from Daily Kos The Jan. 6 committee has laid bare more of its evidence into the insurrection at
by Saeed Khan Muslims living in Western countries will now experience a dramatic shift in the way they plan and
by Dr. Muqtedar Khan In the past few days, we have heard some interesting statements from the RSS leadership. The
By Dr. Aslam Abdullah The world's major religions are silent over the genocide attempts by Hindutva forces under the guidance
by Saeed Khan A recently released movie has yet again placed the spotlight on the Muslim community regarding public debates
by Victor Begg The National Rifle Association argued for a number of restrictive gun laws in the 1960s, including the
Will the Qutub minar and the Taj Mahal too be destroyed by Hindutva vandals like the five-hundred-year-old Babri Masjid and