by TMO Staff A bill that would prevent de facto Palestinian embassies from opening in east Jerusalem received preliminary approval
by United Nations Human Rights Organization All States must follow the example of 146 United Nations Member States and recognize
by TMO This blog will publish articles about the 2024 election starting June 2024. The series intends to profile voters
Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse The creator of the universe loves its creation, like a mother loves her offspring, an inventor
By Sarah Shamim (Al Jazeera) An image with the text “All eyes on Rafah” is on every other Instagram story, dominating
by AP News Israeli shelling and airstrikes killed at least 37 people, most of them sheltering in tents, outside the
By TMO Staff Across the nation, school protests continue to take place with growing intensity. These demonstrations are a powerful
By TMO Staff DAYTON, Ohio-- Ohio continues to welcome refugees from overseas to seek asylum. This month, Saja Junaid arrived
By Steve LeBlanc, Lisa Rathke; The Associated Press CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Hundreds of students in graduation robes walked out
By Mahvish Akhtar Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has announced five days of mourning following the death of the
Reposted from TIME As the death toll from Israeli strikes on Gaza rises, encampments led by pro-Palestinian students on American
by TMO Staff Hundreds of police officers in riot gear arrested dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrators at Columbia University on Tuesday
Repost via Reuters Israeli airstrikes killed dozens of Palestinians on Monday as Hamas leaders visited Cairo for a new round
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Would you believe that the Old Testament promoted the idea of racial superiority and, some 1665
by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Interfaith work transcends the mere exchange of pleasantries at each other's festivals or religious events. It
By Yousuf Ali The University of Southern California (USC) recently made headlines as it announced the cancellation of its 2024
Reposted by Reuters The Palestinian Authority wants the United Nations Security Council to vote this month to make it a
By TMO STAFF A Palestinian-American Journalist recently filed a lawsuit in March against Paramount and CBS News Detroit. Ibrahim Samra
By TMO Staff COLUMBUS, Ohio — In a testament to resilience and community spirit, Ohio is gearing up to host
By TMO STAFF COLUMBUS, Ohio--As the month of Ramadan continues, Ohioans from diverse backgrounds gathered at the Statehouse to break
By TMO Staff In his highly anticipated State of the Union address, President Joe Biden delivered a focused and resolute
by TMO Staff Over the past month, the American political landscape has been dynamically shaped by a series of primary
by Aysha Qamar Officer Kevin Dave who fatally struck Jaahnavi Kandula on Jan. 23, 2023, will be facing no criminal
Reposted from NPR By Mary Louise Kelly, Erika Ryan Kathryn Fox In Michigan, a push to encourage voters to send
By Farooq Hussain Washington state’s biggest labor union endorsed voting “uncommitted” in the state’s Democratic presidential primary next month, over concerns
by Farooq Hussain A Canadian judge ruled on Thursday that the killing of four Muslim family members in June 2021
By TMO STAFF WASHINGTON—Republican-majority House has cast a historic vote, deciding to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This marks
By TMO STAFF  President Biden has made an emphatic appeal to House Republicans, pressing for swift approval of a monumental
by Khalid Rizvi It's shocking to learn from John Joseph Mearsheimer an American political scientist and author of the book
by Zain Ahmed With the situation in Gaza only getting worse daily, awareness around the world has steadily been increasing,