Saudi Arabia Announces Big Shift in Hajj Policy

by Saeed Khan Muslims living in Western countries will now experience a dramatic shift in the way they plan and organize their trips for the Hajj. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K

Everyone’s a Critic: How a New Movie May Test Sectarian Tolerance

by Saeed Khan A recently released movie has yet again placed the spotlight on the Muslim community regarding public debates of free expression, religious sensitivities and purpo

Carnage in Buffalo, Broader Implications

by Saeed Khan The United States experienced its 56th mass shooting of 2022 in Buffalo on Saturday, May 14, when 18-year old Payton Gendron drove three hours from his upstate New

Beyond the Numbers: Lessons Learned from the French Elections

by Saeed Khan The French elections concluded with less drama than the buildup appeared to promise. Incumbent Emmanuel Macron captured nearly 59% of the vote in the run-off again

How technology can help Muslims reconnect this Ramadan

An interview with Bitsmedia’s Nik Emir Din conducted by Saeed Khan There are many reasons to be excited about Bitsmedia, a Singapore-based tech company that has made a name fo

Civic Engagement by an Historic City Counci

by Saeed Khan Hamtramck is not only one of the most ethnically diverse parts of the Metro Detroit area; it is arguably one of the most diverse cities in the United States on a p

Hashir Faruqi: A legendary Muslim Journalist

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  With the demise of Mohammed Hashir Faruqi, the world not only lost an eminent journalist but a thinker, humanist, and a voice of reason. The 92-year-old

AFMI’s Virtual Convention A stunning Success, Draws a Worldwide Audience

The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) held its 30 annual convention through web connecting speakers from India, the US, and Saudi Arabia, with an audience draw

Progressive American-Muslim former public defender seeks top prosecutor job

By M. Muhammad Ahmed KANE COUNTY, IL – Junaid “J” Afeef is running for State’s Attorney in Kane County, Illinois which is a collar county outside of Chicago with a popul

AFMI’s 29th Annual Convention Calls for Preserving the Plural Values of India

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah About three hundred fifty to Four Hundred people from Columbus, OH, and neighboring cities attended the 29th annual convention of the American Federation o

Look at November 2016 Elections: Voting is Indeed Crucial

Beyond Photoops: APPAC Look at November 2016 Elections: Voting is Indeed Crucial by Ilyas Choudry “Photos with US and International Political & Other Leaders have be

travel ban

The Trump Muslim Travel Ban: Another Rebuke from the Appellate Courts

by Saeed Khan In a development hailed by immigration rights and social justice advocates alike, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court decision that the Trum


Qatar and the Escalating Tensions and Infighting in the Persian Gulf

by Saeed Khan Qatar has emerged as the latest pariah state in the Middle East; its crimes? According to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it has been a sponsor


Indians and Pakistanis Share in Mob Violence Against Victims of their Definition of Blasphemy

by Saeed Khan India and Pakistan will both be celebrating their 70th anniversary of independence from British rule this August. While the festivities are only a day apart, these


The Lessons Muslim Americans Learn from Trump’s Visit to Saudi Arabia

by Saeed Khan An American president’s first overseas trip is considered significant because it suggests the trajectory a new administration will assume regarding its foreign


Understanding the Angst of America’s White Working Class

by Saeed Khan During the 2016 election campaign, Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton remarked that half of Donald Trump’s supporters could best be described as a “basket of


The 2017 French Elections are a Beacon of Hope to Progressives Everywhere

by Saeed Khan The highly anticipated French elections are over and for many, the right person won. Relative political newcomer, former investment banker and Economy Minister Emm

haroon moghul

Haroon Moghul’s ‘How to Be a Muslim: An American Story’ Discusses the Struggles of American Muslim Life

by Saeed Khan At first blush, the title of Haroon Moghul’s latest book will be misleading. "How to Be a Muslim: An American Story" is not a how-to book in the conventional sen

free speech

Free Speech and Security: Two Sides to a Three-Way Coin

by Saeed Khan Are universities bastions of free speech, safe spaces or are they the new battleground for competing forces on the political spectrum? The answer, of course, is th


If All Else Fails, Blame Shariah: The Broken Record of Political Opportunism and Bigotry

by Saeed A. Khan As the Trump administration completes its first one hundred days in office, hate has a second wind in public. According to the Anti-Defamation Leagues 2017 Audi


Turkey’s Referendum and Constitutional Change: Back to the Future?

by Saeed Khan April 16, 2017, will mark the Turkish national calendar as the day the country’s political landscape changed forever. The national referendum, called by President

Muslims Take Part In Special Anniversary Event At The Vatican

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer Wayne State University Lecturer Saeed Khan returned Sunday from a visit to Vatican City, upon invitation from the Pope, for a special anniver

NED Alumni of Texas Rejuvenated

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Contributing Reporter NEDA Texas Houston Event Jan 2015 Houston, Texas: “Those who missed tonight’s event, we want them & each

MPA Majid Zahoor Visits Houston

“It is Not Possible to Forget the Place of Your Birth & Upbringing”: Honorable MPA Majid Zahoor” – COH Confers Honorary Citizenship By Ilyas Choudry TMO Contributing

GET is one of the Largest Educational Institutes of Pakistan: Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO “The Alliance of Goodwill (TAG)” under the management of Coordinator Muhammad Saeed Sheikh organized at the picturesque Raindrop Turkish Center an “Int