Why Are Americans Obsessed with Guns and Pay a High Price for Them?

by M. Basheer Ahmed M.D. I was 5-years-old the first time I saw a gun. Growing up in Hyderabad, India, the only times I even really heard guns discussed were in conversations a

Was the Withdrawal of US Forces from Afghanistan the Right Decision?

by M. Basheer Ahmed, MD During the month of August 2021, the withdrawal of US Forces from Afghanistan became a hot topic, with controversial opinions on whether the US should st

A French Teacher Showing a Cartoon of the Prophet was Beheaded, Making Headlines Worldwide

by M. Basheer Ahmed M.D A young Chechen immigrant Abdullah Anzorov beheaded Samuel Paty, a schoolteacher in France. While teaching a class on the subject of "Free Speech" Mr. P

An open letter to GOD from a poor Muslim

 by M. Basheer Ahmed MD MCC For Human services The following letter is not a real letter from anyone but a scenario written by the author to spread awareness and cause reflec


by M.Basheer Ahmed M.D. This presentation was made at a gathering of Imams and Muslim leaders at the occasion of celebrating the American festival of Thanksgiving. As you all kn

Sharia Law: The Myths and Realities

by M Basheer Ahmed M.D. There is a growing concern about "Sharia" across America. Twenty-two US states have already banned Sharia Law. Anti-Sharia rallies planned by “Act for

Congress Resolution Passed Recognizing American Muslims

Congress Resolution Passed Recognizing American Muslims’ history and contributions to our Nation. H. RES. 276 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES April 1, 2019 Ms. Judy

Preparing young Muslim scientists to follow footsteps of Medieval scholars

by Basheer Ahmed M.D. The Institute of Medieval and Post Medieval studies was established in 2001 to help generate a climate of mutual understanding and respect between Muslims

The Future of Democracies and Human rights

by Basheer Ahmed, M.D. Chairman Emeritus, MCC for Human services The rise of authoritarianism in the US is diminishing its leadership role in protecting human rights and promot

Rise and fall of Muslim civilization: The causes and cures

by Basheer Ahmed M.D. The Qur’an started with the word “IQRA” which means “Read” and Allah (SWT) reminds us that every Muslim man's and woman's prayer should be: “Ra

Religious Diversity, Pluralism and Tolerance: The Islamic Perspective

by M. Basheer Ahmed M.D. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, there has been a massive migration of people from the east to the west. Most of them migrated for economic

Hate, Intolerance, and the Killing of Minorities

By Dr. M. Basheer Ahmed The sectarian violence and atrocities against Shia, Christians and other minorities have become nearly a routine in many parts of the Muslim world. These k

Hate, Intolerance, and Genocide of Minorities

M. Basheer Ahmed, M.D. Recently, one of my friends returned from Pakistan after attending a wedding. He enjoyed the festivities and visiting his relatives. However, he was very sc

Medical Awards

By Elizabeth Bassett Basheer Ahmed A local physician and a well-known community leader are being recogni

Report: AMDA’s New Mosque

By Muhammad Azim, member of the AMDA Board of Trustees Cong. John Conyers prepares to address the gathering at the AMDA groundbreaki

Community News (V14-I18)

Sohail Quadri elected to Alberta Legislative Assembly CALGARY,AL--Sohail Quadri, a 40 year old businessman, was elected to the Alberta Legislative Assembly on a keenly fought elec

British Muslims Named in Queen’s Honours List

Here is the list of Muslims who were honored in the Queen’s Birthday Honour’s List. These honours recognise those who have made valuable contributions to UK. Those

Dr. Basheer Ahmad Awarded 2008 Humanitarian Award

Dr. Basheer Ahmed was recently honored with the 2008 Humanitarian Award from the Tarrant County Medical Society, an organization representing more than 3000 physicians in the local

Community News (V10-I4)

Muslim who helped stop NYC Hanukkah attack on Jews gets award NEW YORK - A Muslim student who helped stop a Hanukkah attack on four Jewish subway riders is being honored for his

Muslims in Ohio Celebrate 20th Annual Islamic Day

By Basheer Ahmed, MMNS The Islamic Council of Ohio was established in 1986 with the objective of uniting the Muslims in Ohio. There are presently 15 member institutions represen

Press Release: 9/11 Day of Healing Event for Dallas/Fort Worth

Muslim Community Center’s Al-Shifa Clinic welcomes area agencies and community leaders Memories of September 11, often bring fear and sorrow to the community. To focus o