Is the Quran only relevant to Muslims?

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Is the Quran only for Muslims? What about humanity? If God is the Lord of the worlds (Quran 1:2) and the Prophet is described as the messenger for the worlds

Uneasiness in the Desert Kingdom

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Everything in the Desert Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seems to be changing but in a slow motion.  Arrests, palace coup, death of male members of the royal family

Recapping Our 8th Annual TMO Foundation Banquet

by TMO Staff We, at The Muslim Observer (TMO), held our 8th annual TMO Foundation Banquet Gala in Michigan on October 22. The room was filled with positive energy and supporters

27th AFMI International Convention in Chicago 2017

by TMO Staff The American Federation of Muslims of Indian origin (AFMI) held its 27th annual convention in Chicago, IL on October 7.  It was a great gathering of intellectu

The Worst Act of Domestic Terrorism in US History

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah It was a peaceful night in Las Vegas. The strip- the mile long road that has the most casinos and hotels- was as busy as ever and Sunday traffic to Arizona,

Moore Wins Alabama GOP Primary

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Roy Moore the staunch opponent of a Plural and Secular America wins Alabama GOP Primary He claims he upholds the US constitution, yet he defies its principl

The Martyrdom of Imam Hussein

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Muharram, the 10th of the Islamic calendar brings out fissures in the Muslim community. Its a day when a segment of Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Imam

Sexual Harassment in Religious Institutions

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Every time someone brings up an accusation pertaining to sexual harassment against a prominent religious figure, regardless of his or her faith, people in ge

The Russian and the US Religious Right Axis

  by Dr. Aslam Abdullah It was a sensational revelation yet, it could not generate enough discussion even among those who were directly affected by the disclosure. Faceboo

Natural Calamities and Our Response

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Every time a natural calamity occurs some people, who claim to be religious, claim that it is part of a divine punishment meted out to human beings because o

Lessons men can learn from a woman built masjid 

By Aslam Abdullah Masjid Ibrahim opened its prayer hall on Jan. 29 after a four year long wait. It had existed since 1995 as a small facility for those who lived in its neighbor

Moon fighting fiasco

By Aslam Abdullah TMO contributing writer We argue on almost every issue and never feel shy of giving our expert decisive opinions on each of them believing that we are the

Hashimpura massacre: killed by the army, betrayed by the country, ignored by the ummah

By Aslam Abdullah No one cares where is Meerut, even though it was the birthplace of the movement for independence in India. No one knows where Hashimpura is, even though it was

Farkhunda: The daughter of Islam, the real martyr

By Aslam Abdullah Recently, in Afghanistan a young girl by the name of Farkhunda was burnt alive by a mother who believed that she had torn the pages of the Quran in a holy plac

Speaking Against Terrorism Is Part of My Faith

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah In terrorists attacks innocent lives are lost without any gain for those who perpetrate these unforgiving crimes against humanity and above all against God.

A Tribute to Dr. Maher Hathout

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah TMO Editor-At-Large Dr. Eba Hassan Hathout, niece of Dr. Maher Hathout, speaks at his memorial service in California on Friday. Photo Credit:

The Innocent Souls and Self-Serving Religious Clergy

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor in Chief Don’t view the title as an indictment of religious clergy. The article refers to only those who misuse their religious authority to se

The Allowability of Women Visiting Graves

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-Chief Visiting Graves to remind oneself of the reality of death is a right of every Muslim including Muslim women. Justifying the practice of

AFMI’s 24th Annual Convention a Success

By TMO Stringer AFMI held its 24th Annual Convention September 20-21 at the Hilton west chase in Houston. On the dais at the AFMI conventio

AFMI’s 24th Annual Convention a Success

By TMO Stringer AFMI held its 24th Annual Convention September 20-21 at the Hilton west chase in Houston. On the dais at the AFMI conventio

Statement “End Israeli Aggression and Occupation”

Statement by American Muslim Organizations: End Israeli Aggression and Occupation, Uphold American principles The Israeli aggression against the civilian population of Gaza has su

Sha’ban: A Pragmatic Approach to Understanding

By Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-Chief Sha’ban is the eight month of Islamic lunar calendar.  In pre-Islamic era the month following Rajab was regarded as a month of t

Out-Excel Others in Every Field of Life

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-Chief The most prestigious science research competition for US high school seniors is Intel Science Talent Search. Within the lists of 300 s

The Hidden Agenda of Modi: Not So HiddenEnter a post title

By Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-Chief Outgoing Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (C), along with India’s Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi (2nd R), sit after paying r

Boko Haramis! Who Are They?

By Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-Chief Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaks at an unknown location in this still image taken from an und