The drone attack on Saudi oil fields. Who will benefit?

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah The attack on Aramco oil fields in Saudi Arabia has cut down the world oil production by 5 percent. Saudi Arabia what was producing 10 million barrels a d

Muslim Mayor of NJ Profiled at Airport, Rights Violated

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah The mayor of Prospect Park, N.J., said that he was profiled at an airport and questioned due to being Muslim by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent

BJP responsible for vigilantism targeting Muslims and Dalits in India, UN reports

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah A report submitted before the United Nations has accused leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of making "inflammatory remarks" against minority groups

Book Review for Islam and Good Governance: A Political Philosophy of Ihsan

A book review by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Muqtedar Khan cites the hadith that Allah has commanded Ihsan in all things, in his new book Islam and Good Governance: A Political Philosophy

Trump and Netanyahu Attack Democratically Elected Muslim Congresswomen

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah It's a personal vendetta of Trump against two Muslim congresswomen. It is not presidential and it is not American. It's more like a scene from a Western mo

Kashmir: The Gamechanger

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah It was expected, even though the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in its election manifesto in April 2019 had assured the people of Kashmir that it wou

White Supremacist Terrorists Strike America

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Two mass shooting in a span of 21 hours. Two acts of terrorism and two violent demonstrations of hatred. The two states, Texas and Ohio where these two inc

The Lynch Nation

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah Dalits are considered impure and the filthiest in the hierarchy determined by birth in Hinduism. They have always lived on the periphery of Hindu religion

Achieving the American Dream, An Immigrant’s Memoir  

Book Review by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Is there something magical about the country we call the United States of America? Seemingly there is. Here in this land of the braves, drea

Eid Emerging as a national festival in the US

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah The 1440 AH Eid was no different than the Eid of 1430 or earlier years. Millions attended special Eid prayers and joined festivities all over the world wit

Ramadan Quran Series Day 30

Ramadan Quran Series Day Thirty by Dr. Aslam Abdullah At-Tawbah (Repentance) Medina At-Tawbah is the ninth Surah in the traditionally arranged Quran. It is the 113th

Ramadan Quran Series Day 29

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-nine by Dr. Aslam Abdullah As-Saff (The Ranks) (61) As-Saff is the 109th Surah revealed upon the Prophet. It was revealed in Medina and i

Ramadan Quran Series Day 28

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-eight by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-Mujadalah (The Pleading) (58) Medina Al-Mujadalah is he 58th Surah of the traditionally arranged Quran

Ramadan Quran Series Day 27

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-seven by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-Hashr (The Gathering) (59) Medina Al-Hashr is the 101st Surah revealed upon the Prophet. It is the 59th

Ramadan Quran Series Day 26

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-six by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Ar-Rahman (The Most Gracious) (55) Medina Ar-Rehman was the 97th Surah revealed upon the Prophet. It is the

Ramadan Quran Series Day 25

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-five by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-Zilzal (The earthquake) (99) Medina In the traditionally arranged Quran Al-Zilzal is the 99th Surah and

Ramadan Quran Series Day 24

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-four by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Surah 'Al 'Imran (The House of Imran) (3) Medina Al-Imran, in the traditionally arranged Quran, is the thir

Ramadan Quran Series Day 23

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-three by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-'Ankabut (The Spider) (29) Makkah Al-ankabut is 85th Surah revealed upon the prophet and in the traditi

Ramadan Quran Series Day 22

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-two by Dr. Aslam Abdullah An-Nazi'at (Those that Rise) (79) Makkah An-Naziat is the 81st Surah revealed upon the Prophet and it appear

Itikaf: Once a lifetime opportunity to remind oneself one’s reality

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Itikaf is a practice that goes back to all those who spend time in seclusion to reflect and ponder over their purpose in life and who want to achieve a highe

Ramadan Quran Series Day 21

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty-one by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-Mulk (Dominion) (67) Makkah Al-Mulk, which is 67th Surah in the traditionally arranged Quran is the 77th

Ramadan Quran Series Day 20

Ramadan Quran Series Day Twenty by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-Anbiya' (The Prophets) (21) Makkah Al-Anbiya is one of those Surah not named after any word in its text. It i

Ramadan Quran Series Day 19

Ramadan Quran Series Day Nineteen by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-Kahf (The Cave) (18) Makkah Al-Kahf is 69th Surah revealed upon the Prophet and numbers 18 in the traditio

Ramadan Quran Series Day 18

Ramadan Quran Series Day Eighteen by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Al-Jathiyah (Kneeling Down) (45) Makkah Al-Jathiyah is the 65th Surah revealed upon the Prophet and it occurs

Ramadan Quran Series Day 17

Ramadan Quran Series Day seventeen by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Fussilat (Closely Spelled Out) (41) Fussilat is the 61st Surah revealed upon the Prophet and comes as Surah 41st