ICD Family BBQ Night; Guest Speaker from Oregon

By Noor H. Salem


With the new director in place, the Islamic Center of Detroit has been hosting family events on a weekly basis. On Friday, dozens of families joined together in the front parking lot at 6pm and enjoyed the evening with friends. The smell of grilled food filled the air.  There were free balloons for the children, and cotton candy as well as fresh, hot popcorn for sale. There was a “make your own ice cream sundae” booth as well, which gathered many children around.

After Maghrib prayer the ICD welcomed a guest speaker from Oregon, Brother Yosof Wanly. He gave a heart touching lecture about preparing for Ramadan. However, this was not the usual lecture one would hear every year about learning to cut down on your coffee so you don’t face hardships while fasting. This was not the typical reminder telling you to preparing your house for your guests, meal plan for iftar, and shopping list for Eid. No, Brother Yosof reminded us all to begin with our inner self- fixing our relationship with our Creator. Once we work on our inner souls and relationship with our Creator, undoubtedly He will fix our relationship with the people. He discussed the importance of taking care of our parents, and how everything that comes your way later in life will reflect the way you dealt with your parents in the past. He reminded us about the importance of good character, and guarding our tongues. He gave good reminders about Ramadan preparation and the session ended with Q & A.

Next week the ICD will be hosting a diminutive graduation ceremony for all high school and college graduates in the community. Graduates will be given certificates along with a small present. The event is public and refreshments will be served.


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