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IAMC Asks Economic Times To Withdraw Defamatory & False Allegations Against IAMC

Press release from Indian American Muslim Council WASHINGTON, D.C., (November 22, 2021) – The Indian American Muslim Council, an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding India’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, has asked The Economic Times newspaper to withdraw defamatory and false allegations it has published against the organization. The allegations in “Tripura violence: Police identifies social media conspiracy […]

What’s really on trial in Kenosha and Glynn County?

This article was first published on The Incision. by Abdul El-Sayed Last week, Kyle Rittenhouse pulled a Brett Kavanaugh and ugly cried on the witness stand in a desperate plea for sympathy. His made-for-Twitter hysterics were meant to appeal to an audience that could paint him as “just a boy” … a boy who killed a man in […]

Hundreds of demonstrators across U.S. protest Facebook’s role in Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

The following is a press release issued by India Genocide Watch WASHINGTON, DC (Nov. 14, 2021) – Hundreds of people of different faiths, professions and backgrounds gathered in eight major U.S. cities Saturday and Sunday to protest Facebook allowing hate speech to be freely posted in India, resulting in persecution, physical attacks and killings of members of […]

Hope Dies Last: Why Hope Matters for America’s Future

by Frank F Islam We have spent the past two years impaled in partisan political conflict aimed at blocking problem solving, collaboration, and compromise. This conflict has increased citizen skepticism and cynicism and reduced hope. Those are lines from a HuffPost blog titled “Hope Dies Last” that we posted in October 2012. Now, nearly a decade later, that […]

Right-wing media outlets wrote false reports on this Muslim prosecutor then conservatives threatened her

by Aysha Qamar One of the first Muslims to be elected to public office in Virginia has come under attack after right-wing media outlets chose to target her and create false narratives around her work.  Elected in 2019, Buta Biberaj unseated a Republican incumbent for Loudoun County’s commonwealth attorney position. As gubernatorial elections neared in Virginia, […]

Sadaf Jaffer Declares Victory in New Jersey’s 16th District

The running mates of Senator-elect Andrew Zwicker – Assemblyman Roy Freiman and former Montgomery Mayor Sadaf Jaffer – declared victory over Republicans Vincent Panico and Joseph Lukac in Tuesday’s 16th District Assembly race Friday in New Jersey. Jaffer previously made history as the state’s first Muslim woman mayor. She attributed her win to the support of community and […]

Mayor Bill Bazzi elected to continue to serve as mayor in Dearborn Heights,

Bazzi was appointed in January to serve following the death of Mayor Daniel Paletko. While already known as the town’s first Muslim mayor, on Tuesday he became the town’s first elected Muslim mayor after beating Council Chair Denise Malinowski Maxwell. A Marine Corps veteran and immigrant from Lebanon, as the town’s mayor, he is not only the first Muslim but the first Arab […]

Shama Haider makes history as first Muslim elected to NJ Legislature

New Jersey’s Muslim community has made strides in local politics in recent years, winning seats across the state as mayors, council members and school board commissioners. Despite their growing political power, no Muslim has ever served in the state Legislature. That changed on Election Day, however, when former Tenafly councilwoman Shama Haider won the race for state Assembly in […]

Amer Ghalib becomes first Muslim and first non-Polish mayor of Hamtramck Michigan

Three Muslim mayors were elected in Michigan this week making history as the most Muslim mayors elected at once in one state. In Hamtramck, Amer Ghalib defeated Mayor Karen Majewski to become not only the city’s first Muslim mayor, but the city’s first non-Polish mayor in a century. According to the Detroit Metro Times, Ghalib, a health care worker […]

Michigan makes history electing not one but three Muslim mayors as ‘firsts’

by Aysha Qamar The cycle repeats itself. Last year, hundreds of Muslim Americans made history as the firsts in their respected towns and states. This year more join with historic wins as elected officials. Michigan specifically makes history with not one but three firsts for the Muslim community. Three Michigan towns—Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Hamtramck—elected their first […]

The Logic of Vaccine Mix n’ Match

by Abdul El-Sayed This article was first published on The Incision Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Disease Control and Prevention authorized and recommended boosters of both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID-19 vaccines. Moderna’s booster comes in just a half dose, and is recommended for people over 65, people over […]

Texas man arrested 11 days after committing killing Muslim man

by Aysha Qamar A Texas man was finally arrested and charged with murder Friday after walking free for more than a week after killing a person of color. Eleven days after shooting and killing Adil Dghoughi, an unarmed Moroccan citizen living in the country, in an unprovoked attack on Oct. 11, 65-year-old Terry Turner was arrested Friday. The […]

Op Ed: Marriage! When does it become a menace?

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah In most cultures and religions, marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. It is an institution that promotes love, compassion, caring, and sharing. However, several cultures view it as a union between two families and regard it as a religious deed of transfer of ownership of girls. […]

‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists,’ high school math teacher tells Muslim American student

by Aysha Qamar A Muslim Arab American high school student was left “in shock” after a teacher responded to his question about math homework using the term “terrorists.” According to WABC, the teacher from Ridgefield Memorial High School in Bergen County, New Jersey, made the insensitive comment following a question from Mohammed Zubi, a senior student, regarding his […]