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Crowds of protesters gather in West Iran amid World Cup Game

by Aysha Qamar The death of a young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, who died under mysterious circumstances after being arrested by the country’s morality police, continues to spark protests across Iran. As BBC reports: There were reports that officers beat her head with a baton. The police said she suffered a heart attack. To support their claim, […]

The World Should Respect Qatar’s Values during FIFA World Cup

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Sixty-five percent of the world’s population will watch 32 nations compete in Qatar’s most prestigious football cup. With a population of 2.6 million, including 800,000 Qataris, the country is about 1.25 times larger than Cyprus and Puerto Rico. Most visitors are from the USA, Saudi Arabia, England, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, […]

Turkey Accuses Kurdish Separatists of Istanbul Explosion

By Yousuf Ali On Sunday, Nov. 13, there was an explosion that killed 6 people and wounded 81 others. The explosion occurred on Istiklal Street which is very popular for pedestrians in Istanbul. Police say the bomb was placed by the suspect who then proceeded to rush to a taxi headed from the Taksim area […]

Op Ed: Why Is There No Peace And Harmony In The World?

by Khalid Rizvi Once Dr. Robert Dickson Crane (Former advisor to the late president Richard Nixon)  highlighted in his lecture that the preamble of the American constitution mentioned five purposes that created a union ie  Justice  Domestic Tranquility and peace Security General Welfare Freedom It is worth mentioning here that sequentially justice is of foremost […]

Muslim Americans win in record numbers, at least 12 make history as firsts in their state

by Aysha Qamar This year, a record-breaking 145 American Muslim candidates ran for local, state, and federal office, including 48 state legislative candidates running in 23 states. Prior to Tuesday’s election, only 29 American Muslims were in office as state legislators serving in 18 states, with only 5 of the 29 elected prior to January 2017. New York […]

Ukraine Accuses Iran of Supplying Drones to Russia to Use against It

By Yousuf Ali Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022, there has been foreign involvement on both sides. This includes relatively local and more international players seeking to influence the course of the war in either direction. On Ukraine’s side, they have received tremendous assistance from NATO members with the United States being […]

Islam Makhachev Takes Home UFC Lightweight Title

by Zain Ahmed Islam Machachev was in the ring with Charles Oliveira at UFC 280 at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Emirates. On his side was his coach and mentor, retired undefeated UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, cheering for him. A man who is also from his hometown of Dagestan Republic, Russia, Nurmagomedov shares […]

Renowned Pakistani Journalist Shot Dead in Kenya 

By Mahvish Akhtar A prominent Pakistani Journalist and writer, Arshad Sharif, was shot by the Kenyan Police on Sunday, October 23rd, 2022, in a remote area outside the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The Kenyan Police say it was a case of mistaken identity.  Arshad Sharif was a Pakistani journalist, writer, and television news anchor. He specialized […]

Op Ed: Midterm Elections and Muslims

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah The Midterm elections on November 8, 2022, will undoubtedly change America’s political landscape for a long time. The hostility between the Republicans and Democrats has crossed all political barriers and entered into the realm of religious and racial loyalties. The Republicans stand for the supremacy of a white electorate loyal to […]

Op Ed: Importance of 2022 U.S. Midterms for Muslim Voters

By Yousuf Ali On Tuesday, Nov. 8, the United States will be holding the 2022 midterms with early or absenteé voting already underway in many states. These elections include all members of the House of Representatives and a third of senators with the fate of both chambers hanging in the balance. That’s not to mention […]

Imran Khan Disqualified from Participating in Elections

by Mahvish Akhtar In a significant decision today, the Election Commission of Pakistan has disqualified PTI Chairman Imran Khan from running in the election, finding him guilty of not sharing details of Toshakhana (Toshkana is a cabinet control department where all the gifts given by world leaders and dignitaries Pakistani officials are kept) gifts and […]

Muslim American groups denounce the appointment of Chandru Acharya

Press Release from Alliance to Save & Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists Muslim American groups denounce the appointment of Chandru Acharya, a director of the Hindu extremist group, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), to the faith-based council of the Department of Homeland Security. Indian American Muslim organizations, Justice America, Indian Minorities Advocacy Network (ImanNet […]

Israel and Lebanon Reach Agreement on Maritime Border 

By Yousuf Ali  On Friday, Oct. 14, Lebanon and Israel reached an agreement on how to deal with offshore resources along their maritime border. The countries share a land border as well as a sea border and have not had good relations since their founding with Israel engaging in an extensive bombing of Southern Lebanon […]