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Ohio Statehouse celebrates annual iftar with the community

By TMO STAFF COLUMBUS, Ohio–As the month of Ramadan continues, Ohioans from diverse backgrounds gathered at the Statehouse to break their fast with lawmakers. This year, the conversations surrounded the turmoil overseas in Palestine, the meaning of Ramadan, and what lawmakers can do to combat Islamophobia in Ohio. “I love Ramadan and it’s a holy […]

Washington State’s Biggest Labor Union Endorses the ‘Uncommitted’ Vote

By Farooq Hussain Washington state’s biggest labor union endorsed voting “uncommitted” in the state’s Democratic presidential primary next month, over concerns about President Joe Biden’s political strength and support for Israel’s war in Gaza. United Food and Commercial Workers shared a statement with NBC News calling Biden, “an ally to workers over the last four years” […]

Killing of Four Muslims in Canada Ruled as Terrorism

by Farooq Hussain A Canadian judge ruled on Thursday that the killing of four Muslim family members in June 2021 was an act of terrorism.  A truck drove into five members of the Afzaal family in Ontario in 2021, leaving only one survivor— a nine-year-old boy. The family was targeted due to their Muslim identity […]

Unprecedented Impeachment: Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Under Historic Examination

By TMO STAFF WASHINGTON—Republican-majority House has cast a historic vote, deciding to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This marks the first in almost 150 years, that a Cabinet secretary has been subjected to impeachment proceedings. The driving factor behind this extraordinary move appears to be the Republican Party’s dissatisfaction with how the Biden administration […]

President Biden Urges House Republicans to Pass Foreign Aid Bill

By TMO STAFF  President Biden has made an emphatic appeal to House Republicans, pressing for swift approval of a monumental $95 billion foreign aid bill. This notable bill includes substantial aid for Ukraine and Israel. The Senate set the stage in a landmark early Tuesday decision, passing the bill with a significant majority. President Biden […]

Op Ed: Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians for Greater Israel

by Khalid Rizvi It’s shocking to learn from John Joseph Mearsheimer an American political scientist and author of the book “The Israel Lobby”,  that massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians predicted in Gaza and the West Bank to achieve the goal of Greater Israel while giving an interview with Aljazeera on 16th December 2023. Further, he […]

Top Athletes Spread Awareness of the Genocide in Palestine

by Zain Ahmed With the situation in Gaza only getting worse daily, awareness around the world has steadily been increasing, with people with influence both speaking out and acting on the issue. To date since Oct. 7, over 25,000 Palestinian lives have been lost, with over 62,000 bodies injured NPR reported.  Despite social media shedding […]

Op Ed: The Voice of Kashmir, An Untiring Freedom Fighter

by Dr Aslam Abdullah He often finds himself lost in his childhood memories in what was then a quiet and peaceful hamlet some 16 K.M. from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The green pastures,  the tall trees, the running ravines, the talkative prairies, simple living, and the love and affection among less than […]

Palestinian Photojournalist Motaz Azaiza Leaves Gaza After Reporting for Over 100 Days

by Aysha Qamar The well-known Palestinian photojournalist Motaz Azaiza evacuated from Gaza last week after covering 108 days of conflict in the besieged Strip. In an emotional video on Instagram, the reporter explained his decision to leave Gaza, where journalists have been frequent victims of Israeli airstrikes. “This is the last time you will see me with this […]

Investigation Opened After Columbia Students Report ‘Chemical Attack’ at Pro-Palestine Protest

by Aysha Qamar The New York Police Department has opened an investigation into a possible hate crime targeting pro-Palestinian student protesters, after claims that pro-Israel activists sprayed students with an unknown chemical during a rally at Columbia University last week. Nearly two dozen students who spoke to the Columbia Spectator described “a foul smell” and physical symptoms like […]

Trump Secures New Hampshire Victory, Tightening Grip on GOP Nomination

By TMO Staff Recently, after winning the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses, former President Donald Trump also triumphed in the New Hampshire primary. This victory strengthened his position as the main contender for the Republican presidential nomination. It was a significant blow to Nikki Haley, his final serious competitor in the GOP race. Shortly after the […]

Vivek Ramaswamy drops presidential bid 

by TMO Staff CINCINNATI, Ohio– Vivek Ramaswamy has officially ended his 2024 presidential campaign. The suspension came after the recent Iowa caucus. Ramaswamy finished in fourth place and then publicly endorsed former President Donald Trump. Former President Donald Trump came first, and Ron DeSantis followed in second place. The 38-year-old politician was originally running against […]

Muslim Teen Lost Home For ‘Spitting’ On Hindu Rally

by Anurag Dwary  via NDTV Adnan Mansuri, 18, spent 151 days in judicial custody for allegedly spitting on a Hindu religious procession in his hometown Ujjain. His home was demolished soon after the incident, citing encroachment, and the family had to find another address. Now, after five months behind bars, the teenager is out on […]

From Berlin to Karachi, thousands demonstrate

Associated Press From Berlin to London and Limassol to Karachi, tens of thousands of people took to the streets Sunday to mark the 100th day of Israel’s war with Hamas. Opposing demonstrations either demanded the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas or called for a cease-fire in Gaza. In the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, protesters […]