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Remembering Dr. Abidullah Ghazi: An Obituary

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Muslim students attending Sunday schools worldwide can pay their best tribute to the scholar who devoted his life to preparing an Islamic curriculum in English by applying the knowledge in their daily life. Dr. Abidullah Ghazi, the founder of Iqra Education Trust and the author of over 150 titles of children […]

Op Ed: My 1442/2021 Ramadan Goals

By Yousuf Ali We are now less than a week away from the start of Ramadan, and it is the second year in a row in which we will observe the month with little to any communal involvement. In these circumstances, it is all the more important for us to set individual goals to ensure […]

Welcome the Month of Ramadan

by Aslam Abdullah “So that you may attain Consciousness of divine guidance,” this is how the creator defined the purpose of the month of fasting. Every religious community follows the tradition of fasting in different ways. Some fast for 40 days and abstain from food, some for a week, a few days, or a day. […]

French Senate Votes To Ban Hijab For Muslims Under 18

by Rehan Qamar The French Senate has voted to ban the hijab for anyone under 18-years old, a move that follows a Separation Bill proposed on March 30, 2021. While veils were banned in French public schools in 2004, the law comes as the newest addition to French Islamophobia.  According to the Senate, the law […]

YouTube refuses to remove anti-Asian song despite rise in violence and complaints

by Rehan Qamar Despite YouTube claiming that it does not tolerate hate or offensive speech and content, the company is under fire for allegedly refusing to remove a song employees alleged is racist against Asians. According to Bloomberg, staff members called for the removal of rapper YG’s song “Meet the Flockers,” because the 2014 song’s lyrics called for […]

A GoFundMe in her name raised $900K, but the Asian grandma who beat her attacker is not keeping it

by Aysha Qamar Republished from Daily Kos Amid the never-ending sad news that has taken over the news cycle comes an uplifting story. The San Francisco grandma who went viral for beating her attacker vowed to donate more than $900,000 toward combatting anti-Asian hate. Following her attack on March 17, Xio Zhen Xie’s family started a GoFundMe campaign in order to help […]

Hundreds Missing After Fire in Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh 

By Yousuf Ali A deadly fire raged through a refugee camp in Bangladesh, where Rohingya refugees who had to flee Myanmar were living, on March 22. The background involves hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya fleeing communal violence and oppression in the Rakhine state in Myanmar. According to Amnesty International, there is satellite imagery showing […]

The Happiest Countries in the World

by Zaid Aleem To say that the past year has been tough for people all over the world is an understatement. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic claimed the lives of over 2.6 million people around the world, but it has also thrown many of us off in our daily lives. However, despite the horrific […]

An Asian woman was attacked on her way to protest the increasing rate of anti-Asian violence

by Aysha Qamar Despite the increasing awareness of attacks on Asian Americans and calls for justice to hold individuals accountable, the AAPI community is still facing consistent hate. Less than a week after the Atlanta shooting in which eight people were killed, a number of crimes have been reported after and during protests against attacks on Asian Americans. In […]

Saudi’s Ceasefire Offer to End Yemen War

by Zaid Aleem Saudi Arabia’s top diplomat announced a plan to end Yemen’s six-year war, including a cease-fire and a political agreement with the Iran-backed Houthi rebels who control strategic areas of the country on Monday, March 22. The kingdom said it would adhere to an UN-monitored country-wide ceasefire with Houthi rebels if the group […]

Intelligence Report Informs of Russian Influence in 2020 Election

by Nida A. Imam According to a report revealed by the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Russian government interfered in the 2020 presidential election. The report mentions an influence of a vast disinformation force that was successfully directed at and openly embraced by Donald Trump’s allies. Russia intended to not only damage Joe […]

America’s history of anti-Asian hate and resources we can use to put an end to it

by Aysha Qamar Republished from Daily Kos The killing of eight people Tuesday night, who worked at three metro Atlanta massage parlors is the latest of attacks against Asian Americans amid the novel coronavirus. Six of the eight victims were identified as Asian women causing a national uproar that more must be done to protect Asian Americans from the […]

Stimulus, Stimulus and Stimulus

by Zaid Aleem Americans nationwide have began receiving their stimulus checks. President Joe Biden signed his sweeping $1.9 trillion Covid-19 economic relief package into law on March 11. He had originally been expected to sign it on March 12, according to CNN. Congress passed the relief package, which has been Biden’s first and most pressing legislative priority since taking office […]

COVID-19 Struggles Continue

by Zaid Aleem While we are seeing a decline in many countries amid social distancing, lockdown measures and vaccine drives, there are a few countries that are still undergoing continuous issues and are just not able to get COVID-19 under control. A second wave of COVID-19 is ripping through Brazil, pushing hospitals and ICUs toward collapse and claiming […]