Letter to Editor: Reply to “Pakistan Towards Theocracy”

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Letter to Editor: Reply to “Pakistan Towards Theocracy”

Asalamu alaikum,

I believe you are editor or maybe involved with the paper “Muslim Observer”     I just wanted to share this with you just like I shared with you the speech of Mr. Haqqani.     

I am commenting on the following article and probably you would like to share it with the MO’s editor/owner.

There is an article in the MO in Mar 20-26 issue by Mr. Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy with title “Pakistan – Towards Theocracy?”

First of all, the title showed me that someone probably has a problem with Theocracy (i.e. Allah being the Highest in legislation”).

Secondly, it was proven when I went thru the whole article and was deeply disappointed.

Mr. Pervez is living up to his name as in the history I have never seen or met a good Pervez.

Maybe there are, but I have not come across.

He deeply criticized and mainly on the basis of whatever the west is making us believe.

He totally backed the western ideals not only with his observance, but also thru using certain titles.

And I am making my points short and not going through the whole thing:

I believe my main objection started since the paper I was reading was called “Muslim Observer”.

My understanding was that Muslim Observer would have articles backing up the Muslim point of view and not of Western.

Maybe if the paper’s name was just “The Observer” I would not have been disturbed at all.

Perhaps they should consider that to broaden the horizon for articles to be included.


Zahid Mahmood, Texas

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