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AFMI: Bringing Empowerment Through Education & Economic Development

AFMI Eid Dinner (1)

American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) is a non-profit organization out of Michigan, with various Chapters across USA. According to statistics, over half of the millions of Muslims in India have ever been to school and only 3% make it to professional schools. AFMI endeavors to change this with one school and one child at a time. And this AFMI wants to do for all communities and classes of Indians, to bring absolute necessary parity among all.

All this was informed at the Annual Eid and Fundraising Dinner of AFMI Houston Chapter was held at a local restaurant this past weekend and attended by many. Attendees were asked to contribute towards one or more of the 75+ projects related to education, health, poverty alleviation, economic development, relief and rehabilitation.AFMI Eid Dinner (3)

A DVD of various projects of AFMI was presented. Several speakers made presentations, including Azhar Aziz of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Dallas, Dr. Azeem-ud-Din of Radio Azeem Show, Liakat Syed of Hyderabad House, Sharique Khan of AFMI Houston and so on.

For more information on AFMI, one can call 832-867-2522 or E-Mail AFMI11@AoL.Com

Rep. Al Green speaks about economic crisis

During last week’s Pakistan Chamber of Commerce – USA (PCC-USA) and Pakistan Chronicle Seminar at Shahnai Restaurant, Syed Badar Refaie (Bobby) was awarded Community Service Award for IKE Recuperation Work by PCC-USA, which was given to him by Congressman AL Green, in whose Congressional District Office Mr. Refaie works.

“We applaud the dedication and hard work of Bobby Refaie in numerous community projects, especially during the recent Hurricane IKE Rehabilitation Work,” said Saeed Sheikh, President of PCC-USA.

Oct 22 - 2008 - PCC-USA And Pakistan Chronicle Business Seminar - AL Green Enters Into The Meeting (22)

Before this, Congressman AL Green spoke on the topic: “Federal Bail-Out Package: What is in it for the Business Community”.

After introductions by Khalid Kazi and ILyas Hasan Choudry, the Port of Houston Authority (POHA) seminar was done, which was followed by the discussion on the bail-out package. This was started by Dr. Munir Quddus, the Dean of the College of Business at the Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. He explained that actual loss to the market is $8-Trillion Plus and it will take more efforts and money than the present $700-Billion Bail-Out Package called “The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008”, which was passed by Senate (74-25) and the House (263-171), with a vote of 263-171. “Governments regulate and enforce traffic laws, is the manner in which they should implement fiscal laws and regulations. Father of Free Markets Adam Smith, never promoted the idea of no regulations and policies”, said Dr. Quddus.

AL Green in his presentation informed: “The de-regulation done in early 1980s, gave chance for people in the market to create new financial instruments like negative mortgage, arms, 3 years fixed 27 years variable rates, etc. Result was not qualified people were lured into buying things, which actually they were not capable of acquire, but they were given loans to make those purchases. Results were the 2006 Housing Market Bubble Burst and now Financial Market (Banks) Debacle. Things have been so bad that leading lending institutions are not willing to give to the other institutes.”

“I did not vote for the first bail-out package, but did vote for the Senate version. It was a difficult vote.  However, the Senate bill not only addresses Wall Street and Main Street issues, it also addresses Home Street issues, where I and my constituents’ live. For this reason, I voted in support of the Senate bill. Chairman Barney Frank of Financial Services, which is my committee, assured me we would do all that we can to make sure Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchase as many of the distressed properties as possible. We will restructure the loans so that people will have payments they can afford.”

“In addition to providing for tax assistance for middle class families, tax incentives to spur energy independence and green jobs, and $9 billion in assistance for areas impacted by recent disasters such as Hurricane Ike, the bill provides mental health parity.  This is an issue that we have been working to resolve for decades. Insurance companies will now have to treat mental health issues the same as other health issues. This is a giant leap forward in health care.”

“The bill also provides $250,000 worth of FDIC insurance, up from $100,000. This will help small banks, such as those in my district, keep customers and acquire new customers. These banks help small businesses maintain their lines of credit and make payrolls, thereby helping to keep people employed.”

“Small banks make car loans, school loans, and home loans. Small businesses are the engines that drive the American economy and create millions of jobs.  Small banks and small businesses help people who visit Wall Street and Main Street, but live on what I call Home Street. This bill helps Home Street.”

For more infromati0on on future programs of PCC-USA and Pakistan Chronicle Newspaper, please call Saeed Sheikh at 281-948-1840 and Tariq Khan at 713-914-0786.


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