Volume 2 of A Cup of Mint Tea is Published; $18,000 of Funds Sponsored Orphans

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Volume 2 of A Cup of Mint Tea is Published; $18,000 of Funds Sponsored Orphans

By Noor H. Salem

mint teaSr. Iman Abdallah Al-Qaisi decided to put her speech into writing back in 2012 with the publication of A Cup of Mint Tea Volume 1. February of 2013 Sr. Iman published Volume 2 and book sales surpassed 7,000 copies. The books are available in both Arabic and English.

“A cup of Mint Tea is a collection of short stories to rekindle your spirit, warm your heart, and nurture your soul. Perhaps it’s best read while relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea in hand. Beyond the captivating stories, the associated thought-provoking lessons provide unique analyses that are sure to prompt mindful contemplation. In this series, you will find factual stories from time periods ancient to present, yet all encompass timeless lessons for an ageless readership. They are inspirational stories with lessons to reflect upon throughout the day, and are surely to become a refreshing cup of inspirations, a sip of motivation, and a whole pot of reflection.”

She has been inspiring students through study circles for many years now, and realized it’s time to plant an ongoing seed. She plans to make this a series of 10 books, each covering various topics of everyday life.

But what’s the best part about purchasing this book? Well, partial funds are heading straight to orphaned children. So not only will one buy a wonderful book, they’ll be supporting the needy in other countries.  Don’t wait, purchase your copy TODAY: http://www.zaydpublications.com/our-books


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