Communities Celebrating The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (s)

By Laura Fawaz, TMO

Sandal-RightMetro-Detroit, MI–Muslims throughout the world celebrated the birth of the seal of the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad (s) this past weekend. 

All divisions aside, no matter your sect in Islam, this auspicious occasion is one that is concrete across the world.  The Last Messenger of God (s) was born on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi Awwal.  Prophet Muhammad (s) worked endlessly throughout his life to advance society, in the hopes of creating a just world.  Still, over 1400 years after his birth, the two most common names in the world today are Muhammad (s) and Ali (kw).

Historically, Prophets have been known to be the savior to their nations, and to redefine history.   Since Prophet Muhammad (s) is the Seal of the Prophets, his mission was clear: to bring the final message of God, clearing matters of confusion from those before him, restoring the truth about religion.

The English speaking generation of Muslims tries to take celebrations of such occasions a step further from your typical program of speeches.  Last Saturday night, the Young Muslim Association (YMA), held a dinner event in honor of the Prophet’s (s) birth.  The attendees ranged from toddlers to senior citizens, and somehow seemed to reach them all.  With Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini, spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of America, and the YMA, as the first speaker, he gave a prelude to the evening, as well as the meaning of such gathers.  With Sheikh Siraj Wahhaj from New York as the guest speaker, the evening continued with a mix of excitement and knowledge.  After the dinner was when the entertainment portion began with nationally-known comedian Amer Zahr who preformed his “Where are your from from?” show. 

The following day, the American Islamic Community Center (AICC), and its English speaking organization Universal L.I.F.E. held a similar program dedicated to Prophet Muhammad (s).  Gearing more towards families, the program began with the early Islamic School children reciting Qur’an and poetry that they learned in class.  Followed by the spiritual leader of the AICC, Sayed Najah Al-Hussaini speaking on the attributes of the Prophet (s), and how they still apply today.   Guest speaker Hajj Azhar Nasser continued with the English portion of the event, speaking on life of Prophet Muhammad (s), and the details of his early life that all played a role in developing his character to be able to handle all that was coming his way in Prophet-hood.

Check out the photo gallery taken at both events.


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