Established in 1999, The Muslim Observer (TMO) was created to give the American Muslim community a voice. While it began as a weekly newspaper distributed primarily in the Michigan, TMO has built and expanded its readership across the United States and in early 2015, re-launched as a weekly print and digital publication. It is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and has reporters across the United States.

The Muslim Observer traditionally has been proud to air news and views not ordinarily picked up by mainstream publications. While maintaining independence as a non-partisan publication it has provided space for polarizing voices to have their say within its pages.

Building on its foundation and its history, the paper is moving in the direction of becoming a sought-after and premiere source for original reporting and news coverage of the community. It is filling a much-needed space for the community in that it is proactively reaching into the community to uncover underreported stories and to highlight positive narratives involving Muslim Americans.


The Muslim Observer (TMO) aims to offer a balanced and open forum for Muslim Americans to engage on issues of national and international importance through original reporting, analysis, aggregation and commentary that is about by, and for the community. As a news-driving organization, TMO is committed to being inclusive and representative of the diversity found within American Islam, championing a free press, and engaging our readers through compelling storytelling.