Manikfan: A Man in a Million

By Mohammad Nasir Jawed “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” – J.K. R

Muslims across America are endorsing Bernie Sander 

By M. Muhammad Ahmed As the 2020 US presidential elections are heating up, American Muslims across the country are overwhelmingly backing Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presiden

10 Things You Use Every Day That Are Invented by Muslims

by Sumeyye Copoglu Along with the first university, and even the toothbrush, there are many surprising Muslim inventions that have shaped the world in which we live today. The

Georgian Muslims are strangers in their own country

by Inga Popovaite The Republic of Georgia is an avowedly Christian country, but one out of every ten Georgian citizens is Muslim. Eye-catching headlines in recent months hav

ISPU’s Muslims for American Progress Project

by Fatima Ahmed With an increase in the negative portrayal of Muslims in the media, it is hardly a surprise that Islamophobia and Islamophobic incidents are on the rise. The Am

international women's day 2017

7 Muslim-American Women to Celebrate on International Women’s Day 2017

by Fatima Ahmed Muslim women often find themselves underrepresented in our society. Too often they find themselves unfairly represented because they are women and misrepresented b


Black Muslim Hip Hop Artists Take on “Agent Orange” at the Grammys

by Fatima Ahmed In today’s politically charged climate, the Grammys found themselves becoming a platform for numerous stars to voice their political stances. From Paris Jackson


The Powerful Ways Japanese-Americans have Shown Solidarity with Muslims

by Fatima Ahmed - Follow @fattya123 The Japanese-American community has seen many atrocities during the second World War. As per Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066 issued in 1942,

Hajj: Sea of Humanity

By Siraj Wahab in Arafat, Arab News, -- Two places stand in great prominence on the wide plains of Arafat. One is the gigantic Namira Mosque, where the

Saudis Risk New Muslim division with Proposal to Move Prophet’s (s) Maqam

Second-holiest site in Islam attracts millions of pilgrims each year By Andrew Johnson Prophet’s (s) Mosque, Medina

Statement “End Israeli Aggression and Occupation”

Statement by American Muslim Organizations: End Israeli Aggression and Occupation, Uphold American principles The Israeli aggression against the civilian population of Gaza has su

Istanbul to Lisbon: A Passage Through Time

By Syed Ahmad Travelling through 15 cities in 5 countries (Nov. 15 – Dec.15, 2013) can have a dizzying effect on one’s senses. Nevertheless, one gets a kaleidoscopic

Community News V16-I17

Salman Khan appointed global ambassador by Obama Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, has been named by President Barack Obama as one of 11 new Presidential Ambassadors for G

The Central African Republic’s Complex War, Explained in Journey of a Muslim Baby Girl

By Sudarsan Raghavan Sudarsan Raghavan/TWP - St. Pierre Parish in the town of Bouali, Central African Republic, is shown on Feb. 6. Here, thousands o

First University in the World

By Mohammed Yunoos Deriwala What an exhilarating fact! First university founded in the world was by a Muslim! Not only a Muslim, but a Muslimah! Yes! It

Write a Letter This Ramadan

By Karin Friedemann, TMO Letter writing has become a lost art. In today’s world of texting and emailing, a letter received by postal mail, written on paper with pen, is som

Write a Letter This Ramadan

By Karin Friedemann, TMO Letter writing has become a lost art. In today’s world of texting and emailing, a letter received by postal mail, written on paper with pen, is som

Gaddafi Loyalists Under Fire as Libya Celebrates ‘Eid

By Samia Nakhoul and Maria Golovnina TRIPOLI/TAWARGA, Libya (Reuters) - Libyan forces backed by NATO bombers struck at loyalist troops dug in around Muammar Gaddafi’s homet

Reforming Pakistan’s Government School System

“While being involved in relief work for the 2010 floods victims in Pakistan, I was standing with a Brigadier of Pakistan Army at a higher altitude; and saw seas of volunteer

Morocco Textiles Hit by Crisis, Hopes for Recovery

By Zakia Abdennebi SALE, Morocco, March 16 (Reuters) - Below the locked-up rooms where she once used to sew for a living, Zahra Bouffera makes her bed in the corridor of the facto

Madrassah Islamiah

By Bilal Husain This year Madrassah Islamiah Women/Girls section held a special Islamic Studies summer Program for the kids. It was a unique program which was named as Tarbiyat ul

Muslim Observer Honored

By Adil James, Muslim Media News Service (MMNS) Southfield--October 6--Syed Salman, in the final months of his life, was honored to see Prophet Muhammad (s) in a dream--they wer

Celebration of Arts A Fun Dawah Event

By Nargis Hakim Rahman, MMNS Native Deen invited kids onstage, while the audience sang along to  their new single, “I’m not afraid

Day 16 of Israeli War On Gaza

Death toll 880, wounded 3620 By Sameh A. Habeeb, MMNS Gaza Correspondent Editor’s note:  Mr. Habeeb is working with serious risk to his safety, including his having

Elected Muslim Politicians–Federal, State and Local Levels

Compiled by TMO Staff Farmington--November 19--The 2008 elections brought several new Muslim faces to elected office, and confirmed several others in offices they had won before.&