Our Muslim Neighbors

A Muslim Immigrant’s Memoir of Pursuing the American Dream and Serving Our Communities in Turbulent Times, we are excited to support Ghalib (Victor) Begg in the announcement of

Muslim woman who refused handshake wins discrimination case

by Aysha Qamar A Swedish Muslim woman has been awarded financial compensation after claiming she was discriminated against in a job interview upon declining to shake hands with a

On Food and Spirituality: A Post Ramadan Reflection

by Nushrah Malik As I look back on this past Ramadan, I reflect on how it was such a spiritually uplifting month for me, as I am sure it was for all of us. We made lofty spiritu


by Islamic Shura Council of Southern California Indeed, we live in strange times.  In the past, the logical explanation could usually be found for events when they occur. The

Trump’s New Target: Legal Immigrants

by TMO Staff The Trump administration recently came out with the news regarding legal immigrants. The administration has stated that any individual that has entered and has been

Portrayal of Muslims in Hollywood

by TMO Staff American Muslims have seen themselves being portrayed as terrorists for the longest time. There have been countless movies, shows, videos, news media in which Musli

Book Signing with Khaled Beydoun

By Samana Sheikh Khaled Beydoun discussed his novel, ‘American Islamophobia: Understanding the roots and the rise of fear’ with various individuals on Friday, September 7, 2

Beyond Banning Muslims

by Dr. Azher Quader Today was the 17th anniversary of 911, a watershed moment in our nation’s history.  When the twin towers in lower Manhattan fell that day and thousands

Hajra is Hajra; Hager is Hager

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Hajra, the wife of Prophet Ibrahim, the mother of Prophet Ismael and the matriarch that created an entire civilization remains a forgotten figure in the an

Ilhan Omar could become first Somali-American in Congress

by Aysha Qamar The former refugee could become the first Somali American elected to US Congress if she wins November's election. Set to make history after winning a seat in Minne

American Muslims Represent Most Diverse US Group

by Aysha Qamar Islam is not only the fastest growing religion in the world but one of the most diverse. Muslims represent one of the most diverse populations not only globall

Muslim American Leadership and Law Enforcement Agencies

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Some Muslim Americans are very angry with law enforcement agencies especially FBI, consequently, they have taken a position boycotting any interaction or d


by Faraz Omar (Editor Saudi Gazette) “O, Prophet of Allah! The rich among us have taken away all the rewards,” complained the poor Companions. “They pray as we pray, they

Katy man and his WhatsApp crew formed an army of helpers

This piece was published in the Houston Chronicle. By Monica Rhor Shakeib Mashhood pushed out the first message on WhatsApp at 3:59 p.m. on Aug. 27, just as Hurricane Harve

TMO’s Exclusive Interview with Rashida Tlaib

Check out TMO's Aftab Borka's exclusive interview with Rashida Tlaib and the highlights below: What does it mean to you personally now that you know you will be in Congress?

Back to Islam

by Muhammad Obis bin 'Abdullah Praise be to Allah, the Eternal Refuge. I ask Him to bless our Noble Prophet Muhammad ?, his family and all who believe and thank Him for guiding

Why The West is materialistic & The East Sticks To Religion

By Imran Khan - via Arab News This article by Imran Khan appeared in Arab News; a leading English daily in Saudi Arabia. My generation grew up at a time when colonial han

Local Al-Maghrib Seminar Attracts Student from Alaska

by Noor H. Salem Shaykh Yaser Birjas came back to Michigan, this time for a seminar covering the reliever of sadness and worry, the blueprint to life, and the guidance to mankind:

First Days of Hajj

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah Why are the first ten days of Zul Hajj are more sacred than any other days? Zul Hijja, the last month of Islamic lunar calendar has begun. On the tenth o

Muslim Struggles in High school

by Murryum Farooqi High School can feel pretty tough when you are a teenager. Yes, tough classes, drama, and not receiving the freedom you believe you deserve, are all valid fo

Chicken Veggie Rolls with Avocado Dip

by Noor H. Salem It’s difficult to go out for dinner and not order the mouthwatering appetizers, especially unique ones such as crab cakes or avocado egg rolls. One very popu

#MyMuslimVote 2018

By Samana Sheikh Organizations and politicians came together to spread awareness about the importance of voting on August 7, 2018 for the primary election in Dearborn, Michigan.

Rise and fall of Muslim civilization: The causes and cures

by Basheer Ahmed M.D. The Qur’an started with the word “IQRA” which means “Read” and Allah (SWT) reminds us that every Muslim man's and woman's prayer should be: “Ra

Israel: No Longer “the Only Democracy in the Middle East”

by Dr. Muqtedar Khan Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “defining moment” when the Israeli parliament passed the Basic Law: Israel – The Nation-State

Staying Cool: Modest Muslim Fashion for Hot Summer Days

by Ayesha Mushtaq “How are you not dying in that?” “Aren’t you sweating?” “Just take it off, I’m sure God would understand!” Dressing modestly is a very im