Why Sikhs don’t throw Muslims under the bus

by Simran Jeet Singh (RNS) — Earlier this month I published a column on what I learned teaching Islamic studies in Texas. As I’ve come to expect from all my columns

Ilhan Omar Makes Waves in Congress Regarding AIPAC and Venezuela

By Yousuf Ali Barely a month after being sworn into office, U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has thoroughly reinforced her reputation as a staunch opponent of establishment

US Muslim leaders call on China to end persecution of Uighurs

by Aysha Khan (RNS) – More than 130 American Muslim leaders and scholars have signed an open letter condemning the Chinese government’s continued persecution and detention o

Islam Came to America through Black Slaves

By Yousuf Ali When speaking about the history of Islam in the United States, the discussion naturally goes to the history of immigration from the Middle East and the Indian subc

“Seek Permission”: the Importance of Privacy in Islam

By Yousuf Ali “And when your children reach the age of puberty, have them seek ?to come in?, as their elders do. This is how Allah makes His revelations clear to you, for Allah

Tulsi, Kamala, and Indian Americans

by Mike Ghouse The Indian American Immigrants and perhaps all non-white immigrants owe their gratitude to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Without their effort and subsequen

NJ Attorney General Grewal Swears in Councilman Salim Patel

by Zuleyha Kayi Attorney General Gurbir Grewal swore in City of Passaic Councilman Salim Patel in a Swearing-In ceremony at Passaic High School on Thursday, Jan 17. There wer

Party Politics and Islamophobia

The following piece was written in response to a piece in Business Insider entitled 'Young Trump supporters told they need to fight terrorism on college campuses by 'exposing Islam

From Damascus to DC: the Problematic Candidacy of Tulsi Gabbard

By Yousuf Ali On January 11th, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) announced her intention to run for president to Van Jones on CNN. Many on the progressive left were enthused be

Halim Dhanidina Becomes First Muslim, South Asian Justice in California

by Aysha Qamar Despite prevalent Islamophobia, 2018 proved to be historic for Muslims nationwide. American-Muslims have continued to see firsts in different levels of government

CBS Airs 60 Minutes Interview with Sisi despite His Government’s Protests

By Yousuf Ali On Sunday January 6th, CBS aired a story regarding the government of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Egypt. Almost immediately after Sisi did the interview, the Egyptian g

The Fragility of Tyranny: a Critique of Muslim Arguments for the Maintenance of Oppressors

By Yousuf Ali When dealing with the subject of social reform and justice, it can’t be denied that promotion of the good and preventing evil are essential parts of the Islamic

American Muslims Express their Gratitude to highest body of Sikh Community for their worldwide Humanitarian Efforts

by Dr.Aslam Abdullah A delegation of the members of the American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) visited the Golden Temple, Amritsar in India to pay tribute to Sik

Zakat Foundation, Feed the Children Unite to Feed Durham, NC

25 pounds of food. Per family. 15 pounds of hygiene items. Per family. 5 pounds of feminine products. Per family. Cold and rain did not stop the Zakat Foundation of America em

The Meaning of Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Interest for Muslim Americans

By Yousuf Ali On December 31, 2018, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced her formation of an exploratory committee to run for president in 2020. Candidates often do this as a precu

Birth of the Messiah: the meaning of the Birth and Life of Jesus in Islam

Birth of the Messiah: the meaning of the Birth and Life of Jesus in Islam By Yousuf Ali “He said ‘I am the servant of Allah. He gave me the book and made me a prophet. He

Omar Suleiman Discusses the Relationship Religion and Human Rights at the Carter Center

By Yousuf Ali On Wednesday December 5th, 2018, the Carter Center in Atlanta hosted an interfaith discussion entitled “Harmonizing Religion and Human Rights” featuring the le

American Muslim Leadership and the UAE’s Forum for Peace

By TMO Staff When it comes to engaging with governments, Muslims are naturally suspicious given the long track record of oppression against their people and Muslims. This is par

The Purging of Islam from Uyghurs in Northwestern China

By Yousuf Ali It is no secret that China has not been particularly fond of religion under the rule of the communist party with the state heavily restricting its practice in the

Iraqi Student Organization Fundraisers For Youth Scholarships

By Samana Sheikh The University of Michigan Dearborn’s Iraqi-American Student Union helped establish an endowment to provide funds to disadvantaged students in furthering thei

Making Sense of the Shambolic Muslim Discourse

“Leave me with what I have Left You”: Making Sense of the Shambolic Muslim Discourse by Yousuf Ali When examining the state of the discourse of Muslims pertaining to the

British Imam Dismissed Following MBS Criticisms

by Yousuf Ali In early October, British Imam Ajmal Masroor was dismissed from the Goodge Street Mosque in central London. Beforehand, he had given sermons there once a month. A

Gaza and the Prospects for Progress in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Yousuf Ali Over the past 2 weeks, Palestine was thrust back into the international spotlight due to recent Israeli attacks in Gaza. Despite a ceasefire agreed to a few days a

How the Mighty Have Fallen

How the Mighty Have Fallen: Aung San Suu Kyi and the Imperative for International Pressure in Ending the Rohingya Genocide By Yousuf Ali Longtime observers of the situation i

Netflix’s Elite Has A Muslim Character

by Yousuf Ali On October 5th, Netflix released the first season of a new series entitled Élite. The plot revolves around the story of 3 working-class students who are provided