Midterm Elections Results for Muslims

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  For more than 87,000, national, local and state governments Americans elect more than 511,000 public officials. However, the elections for Congress a

AFMI 28th Annual Convention a Grand Succes

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah The 28th convention of the American Federation of Muslims of Indian origin (AFMI) concluded in Toronto with a strong message to support pluralism and

Anti-Semitism Hurts Us All: Thoughts on the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting

by Yousuf Ali On Saturday, October 27, 2018, a man shot into the Tree of Life Synagogue killing 11 people and wounding many others. Eliminating any doubt about the motive of the

MY- ICD Youth Host Conference with 2000 Attendees in Dearborn

By Noor H. Salem More than 2000 attendees gathered in the Edward Hotel and Convention Center of Dearborn on October 13th for the first annual Reconnect Conference, hosted by MY-

Why Muslims Should Oppose Gerrymandering

By Yousuf Ali “Indeed, Pharaoh extolled himself in the land and made its people into groups, oppressing a faction among them” (Qur’an 28:4) “Majority-minority districts

America Terrorized by White Nationalist supporters of Trump

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Three acts of terrorism by right-wing supporters of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, yet no one has the guts to describe them loudly White or R

Khashoggi’s Disappearance:  A political and theological Quagmire 

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah The disappearance of political dissidents is neither unusual nor mysterious in our world. But the drama that surrounds Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance has

Hijabi Heroes Visit NYC Comic Con

by Aysha Qamar This year’s New York City 2018 Comic-Con showcased a diversity of costumes and personalities. But, one group of women stood out from the rest. A group of Muslim

Bipolar Syndrome if not treated becomes worse

By Samana Sheikh Walking into a room, I see an old friend. She smiles and is extensively happy it seems like everything is okay. Within seconds, her mood changes and she’s

Detroit Red In Dearborn: Malcolm X- The Story you Never Knew

By Yousuf Ali On September 28th Qabeelah Ittihad, Michigan hosted a class in Dearborn with over 1,000 attendees taught by Shaikh Omar Suleiman. The class focussed on Malcolm X

Reflections on Kavanaugh

by the Justice for Muslims Collective Last week JMC was honored to join a delegation of grassroots organizations across to country to take direct action during the Kavanaugh con

The Basic Understanding of Muharram from a Shia Muslim

By Samana Sheikh Ya labayk Ya Hussein (I am here oh Hussein), is a common saying preached during the holy month of Muharram. This expression is said to commemorate Imam Hussein,

The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund to hold Banquet

by Susan Schwartz The Southern California Chapter of The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (The PCRF), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical and humanitarian

The Woes of the Bearded Muslim Man

by Tania Dawood My older brother has been keeping a straight face for several years as intercommunity frustrations targeted his beard and his commitment to his faith. Even be

Qabeelah Ittihaad Hosts Record-Breaking Malcolm X Event in Dearborn

by Noor Salem It was simply remarkable, an auditorium filled with more than 1100 people on a Friday night, all eager to learn more about the life of the honorable Malcolm X.

Coming Together for Indonesia

On October 6th, Mercy-USA hosted their Annual Banquet at the Sheraton Novi. The event sought to bring awareness and raise funds for the recent Tsunami and Earthquakes in Indonesia.

Islam’s Contribution to the Humanity

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Are the Quran and Islam only for Muslims? If God is the Lord of the worlds (Quran 1:2) and the Prophet is described as the messenger for the worlds (Quran

TMO’s 9th Annual Banquet Dinner

by TMO Staff The ninth annual TMO Foundation's banquet dinner was held at Burton Manor in Livonia, Michigan on September 23rd, 2018. The banquet takes place every year with

Book Review: The Redemption of a Muslim American Patriot 

by Dr.Aslam Abdullah Title: The Redemption of a Muslim American Patriot Author: F. Qasim ibn Ali Khan Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC ISBN: 978-1-5444-6776-3 Pages: 6

Islam and Civic Engagement

by Imam Mustafa Elturk Muslims obtain their guidance from two main sources; the Qur’an and the Sunnah (sayings and actions) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Both sources assert

Muslims Shine at GRB Once More

by TMO Staff Thousands Gathered for the 55th Annual National Convention of ISNA in Houston TMO Report: Thirteen years ago Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, resulting in thousa

Our Muslim Neighbors

A Muslim Immigrant’s Memoir of Pursuing the American Dream and Serving Our Communities in Turbulent Times, we are excited to support Ghalib (Victor) Begg in the announcement of

Muslim woman who refused handshake wins discrimination case

by Aysha Qamar A Swedish Muslim woman has been awarded financial compensation after claiming she was discriminated against in a job interview upon declining to shake hands with a

On Food and Spirituality: A Post Ramadan Reflection

by Nushrah Malik As I look back on this past Ramadan, I reflect on how it was such a spiritually uplifting month for me, as I am sure it was for all of us. We made lofty spiritu