Analyst Imran Khan to head Credit Suisse Internet Banking


NEW YORK,NY–JP Morgan’s internet analyst Imran Khan has been named as the head of Credit Suisse’s internet banking division.

Khan is expected to start at Credit Suisse in May, the bank said in an internal memo, according to news reports.  He will be based in San Francisco and will report to David Wah and Bryce Lee.

Khan is a widely quoted tech analyst, has written reams of research about tech companies including Google and Facebook, and publishes a closely read report, “Nothing but ‘Net.”

Khan came to JPMorgan in 2004 after three years at Fulcrum Global Partners where he was a Managing Director in Equity Research covering Internet and Software. Prior to Fulcrum, Mr. Khan worked as an investment banker at ING covering Telecom. He holds a BA in Finance and Economics from the University of Denver.


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