Dearborn–Masjid Al-Salam

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Dearborn–Masjid Al-Salam

By Musa Odeh

“In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.”  This is the scripture written in big bold Arabic letters above the Imams podium at Masjid Al-Salam. 

Masjid Al-Salam, which is located at 3900 Schaefer Road, is fairly new to the Dearborn community and has been open to the public since the first of the year.

“Masjid Al-Salam cost over two million dollars that the Muslim community from all over the world genouresly donated.  In the end it was all worth it because the Masjid turned out beautifully,” said President Adnan El-Kadri.

“Masjid Al-Salam was built because the American Moslem Bekaa Center has become overcrowded.  More and more people were embracing Islam everyday so it became our job to give Sunni Muslims a comfortable place to worship,” said Imam Mohamed Al-Bachir.

Imams rotate giving the Friday lecture every week in order to give Muslims a variety of Islamic speeches.  Recent convert Lune of Bad Boy Entertainment gave last week’s lecture.  The former singer and pop star gave a lecture directed to the Muslim youth and how they should stay close to their religion and avoid the temptations of evil and sin.

Friday lectures are given in Arabic every week at noon.  An English lecture is given for the non-Arabic speaking Muslims weekly at 1:10 p.m.  About 800 Muslims attend the Arabic lecture and 300 Muslims are in attendance for the English lecture.

The women pray on the second floor and can actually see the Imam while he is lecturing via plasma TV.

“We also have about 350 students enrolled in our weekend school.  The curriculum consists of teaching Arabic and Quran,” said Vice President Said Mashgari.

The new mosque also comes equipped with its very own cafeteria and gym.


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