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[Re: Great Newspaper]

Respected Dr. Nakadar Sahib,
Asslamu Alaikum,
I must congratulate you and the team of reporters/writers for The Muslim Observer for providing inspiring and educational material to the readers. I went through several articles/write ups in the latest edition of your internet edition tonight(it is 00.15 a.m. on April 6 in India), particularly Anti Islam film falls Flat, Darfur Tragedy and Madrasa Education in India. These are very professionally written. A detailed account of issues have been given in a manner which is easily comprehensible even by a lay reader. I feel I must read the write-ups and reports of your weekly internet edition to improve my own reporting. After reading `Lhasa’s uslim Quarter Closed Off’ posted on your portal, I came to know that a large number of victims of the Tibetan uprising happen to be Muslims. Though it is AFP report, it is very educational. In fact, I have copied it and forwarded it to several of my friends.
Syed Khalique Ahmed,
Principal Correspondent,
The Indian Express,



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