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Houston Mayor’s Daughter Fasted In Jordan

By Ilyas Choudry, Muslim Media News Service (MMNS)

Annual Houston Mayoral Iftar-&-Dinner Drew More Than 400 Muslims

Houston: The 7th Annual Mayor of Houston Annual Ramadan Dinner was held this past Saturday in front of the City Hall. The City Administration provided all the amenities, while Muslim Organizations and individuals contributed towards the food. This time the uniqueness’ was the homemade as well as restaurant (DNR) prepared Turkish Cuisine, while Pakistani-Indian style food came from Maezban Restaurant and Arab Food from Demasis’.

The whole program was well coordinated by Afaq Durrani and emceed by Sister Mona Khalil. Program started with recitation of Quran by Imam Mustafa Yigit (Citadel Foundation) and Mohammad Abdullah (Turkish Community). Dr. Omar Ilahi, President of Islamic Medical Association (IMA) acknowledged all the donors, organizations and individuals, who had worked hard to accomplish the event. Alp Aslandogan of Interfaith Dialogue called upon diverse people to understand each other beyond just what they see on the media and meet each other instead and have dialogue. Rev. Jim Bankston, Senior Pastor of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and Chairman of Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston that meeting people of different background enriches a person and he can not forgot the nice time he spent on a recent visit to Israel with Muslims, Christians and Jews traveling together.

Faraz Khan, who is the son of City Councilman M. J. Khan, talked about the significance of Ramadan. He said it is an occasion to reflect by staying away from things, which are lawful in other days, but during the days of Ramadan we stop ourselves from eating, drinking and marital relationships. It creates a state of gratitude by realizing the blessings of Allah SWT and feelings of less fortunate people can be sensed. The night time extra prayers bring spiritual uplifting and the idea is to hold on to these righteous deeds and clean hearts for the rest of the year. He informed that when Allah SWT created Adam (Peace Be Upon him), angels said man will create chaos in the world. As such on the Night of Power, which is one of the odd nights of the last nine or ten days of Ramadan, when hundreds and millions of Muslims are supplicating almost the whole night, angels are sent down to earth by Allah SWT to see how these human beings are negating what the angels had thought. And the real challenge is that Muslims need to continue the same spirit later on till next year.

Congressman AL-Green in his inspirational speech said there is only one race and that is human race and he informed he was fasting with three of his Muslim and three Non-Muslim Staff Members. He said when he started the fast in the morning, he said the prayer that God: My nation is considered world superpower – Please make it an instrument of peace worldwide and this peace would be possible if we have the courage to talk to all the people of the world (Aameen).

City Councilman M. J. Khan in introducing the Mayor said that Honorable Bill White placed Houston on the world map by hosting the thousands of Katrina guests and made this point loud and clear that Houston is a big city with a big heart.

Honorable Mayor Bill White informed that his daughter is in Jordan learning Arabic and had fasted the first ten days of Ramadan. In her E-Mail, she has remarked that she wished to have fasted earlier in life. She has said all Americans need to fast. The feelings of gratitude and satisfaction that fasting has given her, she has not found anywhere else. He added that there is so much good in the world and it is necessary to unite people rather than become part of a group, which today in the world in bent upon dividing human beings.

Just before the opening of fast, Imam Wazir Ali of Mercy Community Centers did a special Invocation for world peace and removal of all upheavals across the globe.

Buy Home Shariah Compliant Manner: Guidance Residential Seminars In Houston

A series of seminars will be happening in Houston about purchasing ones’ home through Shariah Compliant process. These seminars will be organized by Guidance Residential, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guidance Financial Group, LLC. Here is the schedule:

1) Thursday, 10/18/2007 – 6:45PM.-8:15PM. – Masjid As-Sallam (Champions) – 16700 Old Louetta Road – Spring – Texas 77379

2) Friday – 10/19/2007 – 6:45PM.-8:15PM. – Masjid Attaqwa (Synott) – 10415 Synott Road – Sugar Land – Texas 77478 – Call: Atif Fattah 281-734-0261

3) Friday, 10/19/2007 – 8:00PM.-9:30PM. – Masjid Abu Bakr Siddque (Hwy 3) – 8830 Old Galveston Road – Houston – Texas 77034

4) Saturday, 10/20/2007 – 6:45PM.-8:15PM. – Masjid Al-Mustafa (Bear Creek) – 17250 Coventry Park – Houston – Texas 77084

For all these events call Ilyas Choudry at 832-275-0786.

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