The Love Doctor Came to Town

By Noor H. Salem, TMO

Over 200 people joined together for an entire weekend while putting aside all other responsibilities- simply to hear unique advice from the Love Doctor: Yaser Birjas. The Al-Maghrib Institute held another exclusive and intense single weekend degree seminar at the University of Michigan Dearborn Friday May 17th to Sunday May 19th about what everyone wants to know more about: love. The seminar ran from 7pm until 10pm Friday and from 10am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. Simple things were answered like meaning of love, particularly in Islam, proposing, etc. The best part is, the love doctor has a sense of humor, leaving everyone rumbling in laughter every once in a while there was time for questions and answers, along with group activities, and fun.

This year though, marks a milestone for Al-Maghrib-the 10th anniversary. Every community held a celebration the last day of any seminar the last two months. Since each community has numerous committee heads and different volunteers, ever celebration was different, and special. A team of dedicated volunteers helped turn the seminar into a different experience. The Dearborn and Windsor community had Sr. Sondos as the décor head, who did a marvelous job with room set up, décor, and particularly the 10th anniversary celebration. Hearts of red, pink and white, candles, and fresh flower bouquets were all around. She didn’t forget to hand –craft a pink and red name tag “The Love Doctor”. For the 10th anniversary the theme was purple and white. Two balloon poles of white and purple, lanterns, and elegant satin table covers gave the perfect touch. A very fancy three tier cake was served along with cookies, dipped pretzels, and purple punch with blueberries and fresh lemon slices were available as well. 

The class was filled with laughter and at the same time self-reflecting moments like what do you look for in a spouse and what would you change about yourself that you’d want to see in a spouse. He mentioned what women like in a relationship (spontaneous gifts, appreciation, and love) while men aim for respect, good food, and a happy content wife. He gave tips on surprising your wife with flowers, chocolate, or any small meaningful gift and covered sensitive topics like the 5 stages of love and problem resolution. Stories were shared and questions were asked and knowledge was passed. Best of all, everyone went home with a heart touching story that changed their lives.

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