This week's events in Houston.
Investment advice.
Muslims must be just.
Mothers... on this Mothers Day, I wish you the best of all. May ALLAH bless you to use your feminine
The legendary composer, admitted to Nanavati Hospital on April 20 after complaining of uneasiness, succumbed to heart failure on May
Since early this year the level of violence in the Southeastern regions of Burma has been escalating...
Festivals: Broward School, Nurul Islam. New World Medical Company.
Events from weekend of Fri Apr 28 thru Sun Apr 30.
Community News as of May 4
Houston News of May 4
Letters to the Editor--pros and cons
Visiting writer, a bear like Bob Wood, analyzes current economic policy and Bush administration policies.
Nazir Khaja's opinion on modern life and Islam & Qur`an.
Spend time with your children so they will be well-adjusted when older.
Muslims in India respond to massacre of Hindu villagers in Jammu.
Recent conflict in Somalia.
Amnesty International Report Alleges US Torture Widespread
Amnesty Torture Report
Texan convert--fun video
911 loose change
An update on the events from South Florida.
By Adil James This week's stories, profiles & events from the Southeast Michigan Muslim community.
By Ayub Khan A cross-section of recent stories from the media about Muslims.