By Bob Wood The glass is half empty and draining slowly, on a picnic table, with a strong wind blowing,
By Dr. Aslam Abdullah Thinking of the late Syed Salman and the recently-incapacitated Dilnawaz Siddiqui, one of the directors of
By Imam El-Amin Respect the imam. Quotations from Surah Hujurat in support of need to respect authority.
By Nilofar Suhrawardy, MMNS India Correspondent BJP family dispute ends with shooting and hospitalization
By Farish Noor Political uncertainty in Thailand post-Thaksin.
By Adil James Blanket statements from mosque near Georgia Tech, attended by recent terror arrestee, distance mosque community from terror
By Siraj Wahab, Special to Muslim Media News Service (MMNS) A stunning travel documentary of visits to Madain Saleh, an
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New Youth Group seeks to Mobilize Youth with first Boys Basketball Tournament As of press time, organizers at the newly
By Giles Tremlett An arson attack over the Easter weekend on a Muslim sanctuary in the Spanish city of Ceuta
Mawlid in Downtown Houston / Basketball Tour de Force in Downtown Houston
IIK Mawlid / IIK Women's Mawlid / Canton (MCWS) Sunni-Shi'a Dialog & Goodwill
Breaking down the barriers at Wesleyan MIDDLETOWN, CT—In order to prove that Muslims and Jews can coexist peacefully, Rabbi David
Never assume that a Bear takes his position just to be contrarian or different...
Much of the TV, movies, and music we experience today have messages that downplay good healthy wholesome living.
A new CBS News poll conducted in early April suggests that 45 percent of Americans hold negative views of Islam,
...This feminist vision of a successful family, though, has a flaw: Shahida Shakir and her daughters, Sadia and Sofia, are
The United States found little support in the Arab world when it invaded Iraq in 2003. In a military confrontation
Russia said on Wednesday it wanted to refrain from taking action before a U.N. deadline set for Tehran to halt
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