Three New Teen Novels Showcase the Diversity of Islam

By Saadia Faruqi Although the year is only half over, three new novels targeted towards Muslim teenagers and young adults are already making news. A combination of dramatic plo


Republicans Discuss Extremism, but Only the Islamic Kind

by  Saadia Faruqi On June 11, 2017, the Senate Committee on National Security held an extraordinary hearing. It was a roomful of Republicans discussing the safety of our nation


Manal Al-Sharif’s ‘Daring to Drive’ Sheds Light on What Life is like for Women in Saudi Arabia

by Saadia Faruqi A recent memoir published in the United States has given a fresh look at the living conditions in one of the world’s most repressive nations: Saudi Arabia. Ma


‘Mirror on the Veil’: Anthology that Counters Hijabi Stereotypes

by Saadia Faruqi I have worn the hijab for the last decade, perhaps more. It’s difficult to count the years because it didn’t happen in one day or even a few months so that


Sweden Peace Shattered with Violence and What it Could Mean for Immigration to Europe

by Saadia Faruqi On Apr. 7, 2017, a truck rammed into shoppers in Stockholm, Sweden, killing four and injuring many more. Muslims everywhere held their breath as the news of an Uz

amina's voice

‘Amina’s Voice’ Lets a Muslim Girl’s Voice Shine in Mainstream Media

by Saadia Faruqi If you’ve been searching in vain for fiction you can identify with as a South Asian or a Muslim, or perhaps both, Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing has