An Energizing Date and Banana Smoothie To Power You Through the End of Ramadan

by Noor H. Salem During the last week of Ramadan, you’ve probably found your body accustomed to fasting. If you’re lacking energy during the day, try to implement some of th


The Sunnah of Eating Healthy During Ramadan

by Noor H. Salem Every year, I enjoy sharing essential tips to stay energized and vibrant during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is now in the summer days, thus leaving many thirs


Curry Sauced Salmon Recipe to Try This Ramadan

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Rice and Lentil Pilaf Topped Bell Pepper Dish Known as Mujadarah

by Noor H. Salem Mujadarah is a rice and brown lentil pilaf, usually topped with caramelized onions and served with plain yogurt. Since I’ve been sharing remarkable health ben

mango salsa

Mahi Mahi With Mango Salsa

by Noor H. Salem When it comes to eating seafood, I have many clients raise their concern that they’re not sure how to differentiate between good and bad choices. Unfortunatel


Mouthwatering Stuffed Bell Peppers

by Noor H. Salem Last week, we discussed wonderful benefits of bell peppers, as well as several ideas to incorporate them into your diet more often. While they don’t carry the s

bell peppers

The Benefits of Bell Peppers

by Noor H. Salem Although they are a part of the nightshade family along with other peppers, don’t be deceived by the name; bell peppers are not spicy whatsoever! In fact, red,


A Kale Salad Bursting with Antioxidants

by Noor H. Salem Last week I discussed remarkable benefits of broccoli, the overlooked and underappreciated vegetable. Broccoli is delicious, and extremely healthy for many organs


Broccoli: Just a Cheese-Dipper or a Superfood?

by Noor H. Salem Broccoli: the vegetable left last on the mixed vegetable platter at events, the cause of arguments at the dinner table because the kids refuse to eat it, and the


Mouth-Watering Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe

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The Magnificent Benefits of Mushrooms

by Noor H. Salem Do you frequently pick mushrooms out of your salad or, perhaps, order your sandwiches without them when eating out? Unfortunately, many are unaware of the incredi

sweet potato fries

Healthy Sweet Potato Fries with a Delectable Dill Dip

by Noor H. Salem Last week we discussed the popular myth that potatoes are fattening, and how you should avoid them if you are seeking a healthy lifestyle. I’ve debunked that my


Are Potatoes Harmful to Our Health?

by Noor H. Salem While popular myth has it that potatoes are unhealthy and fattening, I’m here to assure you not all potatoes are created equal. Clearly, potatoes come with this


The Protein-Bursting Salad to Replace your Meal Replacements

by Noor H. Salem I’ve found that it’s extremely common for many to turn to protein drinks and bars to replace their meals; many of my clients have attested to trying this. How


Scrumptious Sauerkraut: A Probiotic Bursting Food

by Noor H. Salem While discussing numerous tips to begin the new year on a healthy note, I advise adding probiotics to your diet. Probiotics are good, live bacteria. Our bodies ne

Healthy Habits for a New Year

By Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist A new year just rolled in, and so did the long list of resolutions for many people. One of the top resolutions the majority of people ha

Rice: To Eat or Not to Eat

By Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist Many people avoid eating rice assuming it’s extremely unhealthy. While white rice is stripped of its nutrients, and lacks dietary fibe

Sumac and Spinach Omelet

By: Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist Last week we talked about the remarkable health benefits found in the sumac spice. I shared tips on how to add it to your meals, and be

Spice Spotlight: Sumac

By: Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist If you are acquainted to using salt and pepper to spice your food, I advise you add a little plot twist to your cooking. Spices, as I

Exotic and Energizing Salad

By: Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist Many times when we hear salad, we instantly visualize a few slices of tomatoes and cucumbers on a bed of iceberg lettuce. In my humble

Eat this Daily, a Cure for All Diseases

By Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist I’ve received numerous complaints from clients that the most thing they disliked about trying to live healthy lives is the restricted

Remarkably Healthy Mashed Potatoes

By Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist Many people are quite aware that boxed mashed potatoes are extremely junky. If you don’t happen to know this, I’m advising you now:

Delectable Antioxidant Bursting Dip

By Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist Last week, we covered seven of an innumerable foods overflowing with antioxidants, and the health benefits of each. As mentioned, below

7 Amazing Antioxidant Bursting Foods

Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist It’s the season for flus and colds, and besides eating food to strengthen your immunity, I’d highly recommend increasing your consumpti

Why You Should Avoid Apple Orchard Treats: Apple Ginger Cake

Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist It’s almost the winter season, and caramel apples, apple cider, apple donuts, and many more apple-full treats are now greeting us at supe