The Hajj Paradigm: Islam’s Most Unifying Narrative

by Imam Luqman Ahmad Perhaps, the purest, and most poignant narrative of what Islam really stands for at its core, is the visual takeaway one gets from the annual Muslim pilgri

How Muslim Sectarianism is Connected to Islamophobia

by Imam Luqman Ahmad Amidst the climate of increased anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States and the cacophony of noise decrying the evils of Islamophobia and the Islamophob

Confronting Muslim Sectarianism

by Imam Luqman Ahmad Muslim sectarianism is one of the greatest challenges for Muslims in this century. It affects Muslims worldwide and is responsible for much of the discord


Reviving the Lost Art of Forgiveness in Islam

by Luqman Ahmad For many Muslims, the idea of forgiving a bigot, pardoning an aggressor or a harsh unflattering critic or letting a so-called Islamophobe off the hook, is much e


American Muslim Diversity: An Opportunity Or an Opportunity Wasted?

by Imam Luqman Ahmed Aside from the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, the presence of Muslims in the United States is arguably the most racially and ethnically diverse assemblage


The Challenges of Being an Imam in America

by Imam Luqman Ahmad I’ve served as an Imam of a masjid for more than twenty years. During that time, I’ve made a basketful of observations based on my own experiences and t


4 Priorities American Mosques Must have in 2017

by Imam Luqman Ahmed One thing is for sure — leadership is not easy and any imam, amir, masjid board president or board member will tell you that leadership for the Muslim commu

Why Muslim Americans Should Not Vote as a Bloc

By Luqman Ahmad, community submission As provocatively empowering as it may sound, American Muslims should not consider voting as a bloc. None of the terms used to describe Musl