Queens Assemblyman Reintroduces Taxi Driver Protection Act

by Aysha Qamar "He asked me, 'Where you from?' So I told him, 'I'm from Pakistan.' And then he asked me, 'What is your religion?' So I told him, 'I'm Muslim,' because I am Muslim,

sheila abdus-salaam

Sheila Abdus-Salaam: First US Muslim African American Woman to Serve High Court Found Dead

by Aysha Qamar The country’s first female Muslim and African-American women to serve on New York’s highest court was found dead in the Hudson River near Manhattan, according t

muslim ban 2.0

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Muslim Ban 2.0

by Aysha Qamar Muslim Ban 2.0 has dropped and here is what you need to know. In January, after his first immigration order was challenged and effectively shut down—President Do