Antivaxxers protest outside as Anthony Fauci delivers applaudable graduation speech at U of M

by Aysha Qamar Across the country, several thousand university students were unable to commemorate their graduations over the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Wh

New report: 1 in 5 Americans ‘partly’ blame Asian Americans for the spread of COVID-19

by Rehan Qamar The number of biased crimes against the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community continues to increase nationwide. Several data reports have indicated

Joe Biden responds to ‘leaked’ SCOTUS opinion, says abortion rights are ‘fundamental’

by Aysha Qamar President Joe Biden has issued a statement emphasizing his commitment to keeping abortion accessible following the release of an alleged leaked draft opinion by

Supreme Court unanimously supports FBI in case related to spying on Muslim Americans

By Aysha Qamar In a move that sets the U.S. back in terms of religious freedom, the Supreme Court on Friday unanimously rejected an argument that the Federal Bureau of Inve

People rally against Russia’s decision to invade and attack Ukraine

by TMO Staff By Wednesday night, every major city in Ukraine was under attack as Russian bombs targeted Kharkiv, Odesa, Kramatorsk, and Kyiv. According to Daily Kos, sever

Teen arrested with backpack full of explosives planned to commit ‘mass murder’ in mosques

by Aysha Qamar As hate crimes across the country continue to increase, places of worship are particularly being targeted. Across the country, houses of worship are not only

New York man stabs Asian woman 40 times to death after following her into her apartment

by Aysha Qamar Days after a new report found that hate crimes against Asian Americans rose by 339% in 2021 compared with 2020, an Asian woman was found fatally stabbed in New

Texas authorities used search warrants to investigate Muslim victim’s past, instead of his white killer’s

by Aysha Qamar When a 31-year-old Muslim man was shot to death in his car, little to no information was shared online. It seems like the issue wasn’t important enough for m

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers plead not guilty of hate crimes, trial to begin

by Aysha Qamar After a plea deal that could have lowered their sentences was rejected, two men who killed Ahmaud Arbery have decided to continue to plead not guilty to a federal

Federal judge rejects plea deal for men who killed Ahmaud Arbery; hate crime charges stand

by Aysha Qamar A plea agreement that could have disposed of charges pending in a hate crimes trial for two men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery was rejected by a federal j

Biden nominates first Muslim woman and first Bangladeshi-American to serve as federal judge

by Aysha Qamar President Joe Biden announced his latest round of judicial nominees on Wednesday. What’s so exciting about this? Well, the eight nominees Biden chose in his 13t

Election not stolen: Arizona election officials debunk claims in state review of Trump’s 2020 loss

by Tmo Staff In a report, entitled Correcting the Record: Maricopa County’s In-Depth Analysis of the Senate Inquiry, which was released Wednesday on the eve of the annive

Meet Shahana Hanif, the first Muslim woman elected to New York City Council

by Aysha Qamar Asian Americans have made history by being elected in record numbers in major cities nationwide. “Firsts” have made headlines across the nation, including in

House Democrats introduce bill condemning anti-Muslim rhetoric

by Rehan Qamar Following the recent anti-Muslim remarks made by Rep. Lauren Boebert toward Rep. Ilhan Omar, more than 400 congressional staff members are calling on House leade

Maine elects first Somali American Muslim mayor

by Aysha Qamar These last two years have been historic in terms of political representation. Across the country, Americans elected firsts to local, state, and federal seats. Ou

New Mexico mosque set on fire in the latest incident of Islamophobia in U.S.

by Aysha Qamar As hate crimes against people of color continue across the country, members of faith centers and organizations are bearing the brute of it. Faith institutions a

Ilhan Omar shares threats and hate received after Lauren Boebert’s anti-Muslim attack

by Aysha Qamar In the face of increasing hate and Islamophobia, Democratic U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Andre Carson condemned anti-Muslim remarks made by th

Right-wing media outlets wrote false reports on this Muslim prosecutor then conservatives threatened her

by Aysha Qamar One of the first Muslims to be elected to public office in Virginia has come under attack after right-wing media outlets chose to target her and create false narr

Michigan makes history electing not one but three Muslim mayors as ‘firsts’

by Aysha Qamar The cycle repeats itself. Last year, hundreds of Muslim Americans made history as the firsts in their respected towns and states. This year more join with his

Texas man arrested 11 days after committing killing Muslim man

by Aysha Qamar A Texas man was finally arrested and charged with murder Friday after walking free for more than a week after killing a person of color. Eleven days after shooti

‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists,’ high school math teacher tells Muslim American student

by Aysha Qamar A Muslim Arab American high school student was left "in shock" after a teacher responded to his question about math homework using the term “terrorists." Acc

Muslim Moroccan Man shot dead in Texas for parking car, white killer walks free

by Aysha Qamar A Google search of Adil Dghoughi’s name will offer you little to no information about his death. Hardly any media outlets have covered it. Dghoughi, an unarmed

Islamophobia is so common that 2 out of 3 Muslims report experiencing faith-related hate

by Aysha Qamar After 9/11, Muslim Americans and people of color nationwide reported more incidents of hate than before. The novel coronavirus has further contributed to this ris

Gabby Petito died in the same place 700 Native women went missing. Why aren’t we looking for them?

by Aysha Qamar The tragic case of travel blogger Gabrielle (Gabby) Petito has shed light on a number of issues. As her disappearance and presumed death drew massive media atte

Border Patrol agents on horseback attacked Haitian immigrants with what look like ‘whips’

by Aysha Qamar Horrific images and video continue to surface as dozens of lawmakers call on the Biden administration to immediately halt mass deportations to Haiti. According