Winning Team for FIFA 2018, France has 7 Muslim Players

by Aysha Qamar The French national team was named world champion after defeating the Croatian team 4-2 in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final in Moscow on Sunday. France won its second

This Year’s Presidential Message on Ramadan

by Aysha Qamar The current administration under President Donald Trump has issued many changes to programming and events including no longer hosting the annual White House Iftar,

Updates from Gaza- Palestines Struggle to Survive

by Aysha Qamar Israeli and Palestinian relations have worsened since President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. May 15 marked the deadliest day in

“Hello, I am a Muslim”

by Aysha Qamar Throughout Europe, “Hello, I am a Muslim”, an initiative to promote understating and cooperation between Muslims and non-Muslims, is taking the streets by storm

‘Punish a Muslim Day’: Standing Together in the Face of Islamophobia

by Aysha Qamar Concern has spread as fliers left at the steps of several homes and mosques have declared April 3 as “Punish a Muslim Day.” Originating in London, these fliers

UN chief calls for an end to the Syrian people’s ‘suffering’

by Aysha Qamar The United Nations Secretary-General has urged Security Council members to "end the suffering" of residents in Syria, as the US threatened to "act if we must" as

Holocaust Museum Revokes Award to Aung San Suu Kyi

by Aysha Qamar Earlier this month, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum announced it was revoking the prestigious Elie Wiesel Award granted to Suu Kyi in 2012. According to the Muse

Anti-Muslim protests Shut Down Winter Olympics prayer room

by Aysha Qamar The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has cancelled plans for a mobile prayer room in Gangneung for tourists at the 2018 Winter Olympics after strong opposition b

President Trump Denies Making ‘Shithole Countries’ Comment

by Aysha Qamar President Trump described Haiti, El Salvador and parts of Africa as “shithole countries” in a meeting with lawmakers in the White House,  in a report first pu

Muslim Woman Challenges Putin

by Aysha Qamar Russia’s next presidential election is set to take place on March 18, and history is made with the first-ever Muslim presidential candidate challenging incumbent

United Nations Denounces Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem

by Aysha Qamar A majority of United Nations member states have declared President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital "null and void,” ignoring his t

Saudi Arabia Lifts 35-Year-Old Cinema Ban

by Aysha Qamar For the first time in over 35 years, Saudis will soon be able to go to the movie theater. Religious leaders forced the closure of cinemas in the 1980s, claiming th

Supreme Court Allows Trump Travel Ban to Take Effect

by Aysha Qamar This week, the Supreme Court issued a decision on Trump's Third Travel Ban, referred to as the Muslim Ban 3.0, that allows it to take full effect. This is the f

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel Capital, Plans to Move Embassy

by Aysha Qamar President Donald Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and announced plans to relocate the United States embassy there. This move is expected to furth

Muslim Father Forgives and Hugs Man Involved With Son’s Murder

by Aysha Qamar "Forgiveness is the greatest gift in Islam," Abdul-Mumin Sombat Jitmoud said during the hearing, which lasted for almost three hours. The father of a murdered Mu

17-year-old Pakistani Scientist Garners International Praise

by Aysha Qamar As one of the first Pakistani’s to participate in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament, then 16-year-old Muhammad Shaheer Niazi, replicated and provi

Iraq Takes Full Control of Kirkuk, Peshmerga React

by Aysha Qamar Earlier this week, the Iraqi army stated it has taken full control of Kirkuk, including the city’s airport and oil field, following a major advance on Kurdish-he

Saudi Arabia Lifts Driving Ban on Women

by Aysha Qamar A royal decree has been issued by Saudi Arabia, that will allow women in the country to drive, the Saudi Foreign ministry said Tuesday on its official Twitter acco

Riz Ahmed: First Asian and First Muslim Actor to Win Emmy

by Aysha Qamar Everyone is talking about the 69th annual Emmy Awards- where two Muslims took the stage. It was an unheard of sight for many to see two Muslim men, on prime-time t

Orlando Mosque Welcomes Hurricane Irma Evacuees

by Aysha Qamar While many worshipping and religious houses closed their doors to avoid Hurricane Irma destruction, Tariq Rasheed, the imam of the Islamic Center of Orlando, opene

New Strategy for Afghanistan Calls for More Troops

by Aysha Qamar “My original instinct was to pull out, and historically I like to follow my instincts,” President Donald Trump said in a speech outlining his plan for the 16-y

Trump Proposes Immigration Cuts in New Bill

by Aysha Qamar “It’s great to be here today to unveil legislation that would represent the most significant reform to our immigration system in a half a century,” President

‘Improvised Explosive Device’ Damages Minnesota Mosque

by Aysha Qamar Tragedy took place when a neo-Nazi entered a Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wis. fatally shooting six worshippers and wounding many others, including a police officer on A

Anti-Islamophobia Campaign Encourages Intervention

by Aysha Qamar According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the number of anti-Muslim attacks in the United States has sharply risen. With the rise of hate cr

Anti-Immigrant Group Mistakes Bus Seats for Women

by Aysha Qamar "It looks really scary, should be banned. You can never know who is under there. Could be terrorists with weapons,” comments on a picture posted on a private Nor