Canadian Accused of Killing Muslim Family in Hate Attack Pleads Not Guilty

by Aysha Qamar A Canadian man who is accused of running down four members of a Canadian Muslim family with his pickup truck because of their religious faith pleaded not guilty t

Millions More Afghans Are Being Cut Off From Food Aid

by Aysha Qamar Food rations to an additional two million Afghans will be cut this month, the UN World Food Program (WFP) said in an announcement Tuesday. The agency said it w

Swedish PM ‘Extremely Worried’ About Further Quran Burnings

by Aysha Qamar Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said he is "extremely worried" about the consequences if more demonstrations burning the Quran continue, as Mulim anger over

BBC Apologizes After Reporter Asks if Morocco’s World Cup Team Has Any Gay Players

by Aysha Qamar The BBC has issued an apology after a reporter asked an “inappropriate” question during a FIFA Women's World Cup press conference on Monday. At a press avail

Muslim Countries Condemn Burning of Quran in Sweden

by Aysha Qamar Muslim-majority countries across the globe are condemning the burning of a copy of the Quran outside a mosque in Sweden on the first day of the three-day Eid holi

Dilawar Syed Makes History as Highest-Ranking Muslim Official in US Government

by Aysha Qamar After two years of being blocked, Dilawar Syed was confirmed as deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA) on Thursday. According to the Assoc

CAIR Sues Michigan Sheriff’s Office Over Alleged Forced Hijab Removal

by Aysha Qamar The Michigan Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a prominent Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, is suing the Kent Coun

‘Second mass shooting that I have now lived through,’ Sandy Hook survivor says of MSU shooting

by Aysha Qamar The country is yet again mourning lives lost after another mass shooting took place at a school. Three Michigan State University students were killed on campus

‘Disaster of the century’: Death toll continues to rise by thousands three days after Turkey quakes

by Aysha Qamar Within three days, Monday’s devastating earthquakes have quickly become the deadliest since Japan’s 9.0 magnitude quake in 2011, during which more than 20,00

Earthquakes that killed thousands in Turkey, Syria are among the deadliest in history

by Aysha Qamar As Turkey and Syria deal with the aftermath two horrific and massive earthquakes, both countries continue to see a rise in the death toll. Turkish President Tayy

Ahead of bodycam footage release, 5 ex-cops arrested and charged for beating death of Tyre Nichols

by Aysha Qamar Update: According to Shelby County Jail booking information, the five Memphis police officers fired last week were jailed and charged with second-degree murder,

‘Memory does not appear to be as precise’: Anthony Ornato testifies to Jan. 6 committee again

by Aysha Qamar The Jan. 6 committee interviewed former Secret Service Assistant Director Anthony “Tony” Ornato on Tuesday about Donald Trump’s actions on the day of th

Crowds of protesters gather in West Iran amid World Cup Game

by Aysha Qamar The death of a young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, who died under mysterious circumstances after being arrested by the country’s morality police, continues to spa

Muslim Americans win in record numbers, at least 12 make history as firsts in their state

by Aysha Qamar This year, a record-breaking 145 American Muslim candidates ran for local, state, and federal office, including 48 state legislative candidates running in 23

Religious organizations, including mosques, join fight against Florida’s abortion ban

by Aysha Qamar After enacting a 15-week abortion ban earlier this year, Florida has faced some consistent legal back and forth. The law, known as HB 5, is facing legal opposi

Baltimore Prosecutors drop charges, Adnan Syed is free

by Aysha Qamar After 23-years of serving time for a crime he said he didn't commit, Adnan Syed, the man whose legal case made international headlines because of the hit podcast

Prosecutors investigating other suspects in Adnan Syed case, state AG supports family’s appeal

by Aysha Qamar Since his temporary release, several updates have been made in Adnan Syed’s case—a case that took the public by storm after being featured in the hit podcast

After 20-plus years in prison, Adnan Syed is released from prison, conviction is overturned

by Aysha Qamar More than 20 years after Adnan Syed was convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee, he walked out of prison for the first time since he was a teenager, after a judge

Adnan Syed is pending a retrial after serving 20 years for a murder he says he didn’t commit

by Aysha Qamar After decades of serving for a crime he says he did not commit. Adnan Syed, the subject of the first season of the hit podcast Serial and an HBO documentary, c

‘We are heading into a disaster’: Pakistan’s biggest lake bursts, flooding gets worse

by Aysha Qamar After visiting the country, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for "massive" international support for flooded Pakistan on Friday. Last week flood d

‘Primary suspect’ arrested and charged in connection with murders of Albuquerque Muslim men

by Aysha Qamar Less than a week after police officials called for help in finding a vehicle thought to be connected to the murder of four Muslim men, law enforcement officials

New Mexico Muslim community fears “targeted killings” after four Muslim men found murdered

by Aysha Qamar Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Muslim community has been swept with fear after not one but four Muslim men have been found murdered. A 25-year-old man identified as

Arrest made in case of 10-year-old rape survivor forced to travel to Indiana for abortion

by Aysha Qamar A Columbus man has been charged in relation to the viral story of a pregnant 10-year-old girl who had to travel from Ohio to Indiana for an abortion. Accor

Running ‘saved me’: Olympic star Sir Mo Farah reveals he was trafficked as a child

by Aysha Qamar “I feel like something’s been lifted off of my shoulders.” Finally speaking his truth, Olympic legend Sir Mohamed “Mo" Farah shared that he was taken fr

Derek Chauvin sentenced to over 20 years for violating George Floyd’s federal civil rights

by Aysha Qamar Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 21 years in federal prison on Thursday, seven months after pleading guilty for violating Ge