Look at November 2016 Elections: Voting is Indeed Crucial

Beyond Photoops: APPAC Look at November 2016 Elections: Voting is Indeed Crucial by Ilyas Choudry “Photos with US and International Political & Other Leaders have be

Palestinian Solidarity Rally in Houston

by Ilyas Choudry Jerusalem - Capital of Palestine Coalition held a Peaceful but Vociferous Rally on Saturday Dec 9 between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the Corner of the most conges

Muslims should Collaborate with People of Goodwill

by Ilyas Choudry Muslims should Collaborate with People of Goodwill in the United States to Make a Positive Global Impact: Honorable AL Green Spoke at ICNA-MAS SCR Convention in

Islamic Centers Leading Relief Efforts in Texas

by Ilyas Choudry Unparalleled Flooding in the Fourth Largest Metropolis of USA, Houston has brought communities together to begin relief efforts. The Pakistani community has sta

NED Alumni of Texas Rejuvenated

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Contributing Reporter NEDA Texas Houston Event Jan 2015 Houston, Texas: “Those who missed tonight’s event, we want them & each

MPA Majid Zahoor Visits Houston

“It is Not Possible to Forget the Place of Your Birth & Upbringing”: Honorable MPA Majid Zahoor” – COH Confers Honorary Citizenship By Ilyas Choudry TMO Contributing

Human Rights for Pakistanis Too

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Contributor Editor’s note:  Ilyas Choudry is a TMO Contributor.  Any opinions are his own.  

Voters Approve More Than $5.59 Billion in Local Bond Issues

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Contracting opportunities worth millions will result from 63 successful votes Building While most of the attention in Tuesday November 4th, 2014 Texas stat

GET is one of the Largest Educational Institutes of Pakistan: Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO “The Alliance of Goodwill (TAG)” under the management of Coordinator Muhammad Saeed Sheikh organized at the picturesque Raindrop Turkish Center an “Int

Hegar Appeals for Community Support

Community Supporting Honorable Hegar to be the Next Comptroller of the State of Texas By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Various community activists and organizers came together on the evenin

TWO BILLION Transportation Dollars Coming

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) isn’t all about roads anymore. It’s about mobility. At a meeting of the Texas Transportation Com

ICNA Relief Pantry on Hillcroft to Serve People of All Backgrounds

Halal Meat from Hira Farms By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Houston (Our Special Correspondent): “There are huge Rewards in serving food to those who are in need. In Quran, it is ment

Desalinate Water For Future

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Recycling…it’s not just aluminum cans, plastic bottles and newspapers anymore. This country’s early recycling attempts were aimed at te

Every Pakistani-American Doctor & Engineer Should Prepare A Doctor & An Engineer In Pakistan: Abdus Shakoor Sahab

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO “If every Pakistani-American Doctor gives scholarship to a talented boy or girl in Pakistan to become a doctor; And every Engineer, Lawyer, Businessper

Book About Life in Anarkali Bazaar Has Come Out

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Our Special Correspondent: Haroon K. Ullah was in Houston this past weekend for several speaking engagement about his book “The Bargain From The Baza

Houston Corner (V16-I19)

Bridge from Houston to Karachi HKSCA Needs to Work as a Bridge to Establish Business & Investment with Karachi, Pakistan: A Special Proactive Meeting with Consul General of Pa

“Josh”: Independence Through Unity: Low Budget Movie with a Message

Honorable Counsel General of Pakistan in Houston Afzaal Mahmood with Film Maker Iram Parveen Bilal and Community Organizer Mustafa Iqbal Tameez... “People in

Save Bangladesh Program in Houston Texas USA

By Ilyas Choudry Discussion & Prayers about the Current Situation Save Bangladesh Program in Houston. Houston, Texas (Press Release): S

Baluchistan Benefit Event

Let’s Provide Homes & Water to Our Brethren in Humanity in Baluchistan: Iqbal Day Baluchistan Benefit Event Diligently Arranged by Helping Hand & Community Organizer

Historic Event Organized at India House-Houston

Reported by: Ibn-e-Mufti   Special Award Given to Famous Poet Munawar Rana of India By Dr. Gohar Wali at

Community colleges preparing students for high-demand jobs

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Aerospace engineering students at Texas A&M University used what they learn to build an unmanned aerial vehicle (U

Perry: Won’t Add Issues to Current Special Session

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO File:  TX legislature More than 50 universities will lose out on $2.4B for about 60 TRB projects It looks like i

Duty Towards Our Neighbors: June 22nd

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO It has been observed that Muslim Community has been targeted as not fully being involved in societal issues and organized efforts have not been enough in pro

Brace for Hurricanes

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO ‘Above Average’ Hurricanes Season Predicted for 2013 Predictions of an “above average” hurricane season for 2013 could be just what

Water Issues Becoming Priority for Both State, Local Governments

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO Businesses are moving out of the Village of Vinton in far West Texas, saying they cannot operate in a community that has no wastewater and sewage system. The