Dystopias Abound

by Haroon Imtiaz Our obsession is real. Dystopian futures abound in our cultural universe. They have done so for many years and will most certainly preoccupy us heading into the f

The Benefit of Evil

by Haroon Imtiaz If God is all good, all-powerful, and so merciful, then why does suffering persist in the world? Why does God not exercise his great love and mercy upon us in a w

A Tragedy of Nuclear Proportions

by Haroon Imtiaz In an article on The Hill, Rebecca Kheel writes that members of the Senate Arms Services Committee have begun to assess the prospect of nuclear modernization. Kh

Hadith, Forgiveness and Human Fallibility

by Haroon Imtiaz In Imam al-Nawawi’s classic on forty hadith, we find what many scholars call the foundations of the religion. This is an apt description considering that the fo

An Opinion on Prophetic Witnessing

by Haroon Imtiaz To be a prophetic witness, or a living embodiment of prophetic conduct, is just not easy. It is in fact, fundamentally stressful and at times a painful occupation

Unbelievable Scenes at the Stafford Cricket Ground

The traditional Aziz Rehmatulla Memorial Cups 2012 Cricket Gala was held on Sunday, April 08. Matches included Houston Pakistan Seniors Vs Houston India Seniors (45+), and Houston

Ambassador Haqqani Quits

Pakistan’s envoy to U.S. quits in coup memo controversy By Chris Allbritton Husain Haqqani ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan’s a