Elections Have Consequences

by Azher Quader  How often are we told that elections have consequences? Yet how often do we ignore that statement  not realizing the many ways they can impact us. Sadly that re

Tarnished Scholars

by Azher Quader The recent allegations pertaining to the sexual abuses of Tariq Ramadan, a revered and beloved Islamic scholar and leader in the Muslim community, has created sho

The Freedoms We Celebrate

 by Azher Quader Earlier this month our country celebrated its 241st Independence Day. That same weekend ISNA had its 54th Annual Convention too, here in Chicago, which was u

Ramadan, An Exercise in Self Control

by Azher Quader The month of Ramadan comes and goes so fast, it always feels kind of short. As the moon-gazers and the calculators celebrate Eid on the same day, it is a wel


As Americans, We Are All Refugees

by Azher Quader From conversations on the streets to living rooms, there is a lot of emotional talk these days over the topic of refugees. Although some three million refugees hav

Two Eids, One Community

By Azher Quader  Editor’s note:  Azher Quader is President of Community Builders Council, www.cbc7.org.  His opinions are his own. Thanks to the lively controversy bet

Compassionate Care Network Builds Health Coverage

By TMO Stringer A compassionate care network volunteer greets a mosque member. The Compassionate Care Network (CCN) supporte

Fatherhood Fraternity

By Dr. Azher Quader To most of us who belong to this fraternity, membership comes pretty easy, with no fees,  in due course of time and almost always with plenty of anticipat

Why Obamacare is Good for Us

By Azher Quader, MD Compassionate Care Network (CCN) info@ccnchicago.com There is a lot of misinformation and lies being spread to discredit the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Obamacare & the Politics of Deceit

By Dr. Azher Quader In spite of all the misinformation floating in the air, our country today took a giant step in removing one of the major barriers that had obstructed millions

Dr. Aasim Padela wins Ibn Sina Award

Aasim Padela, MD, was recently awarded the 2012 Ibn Sina Award from the Compassionate Care Network of Chicago for his outstanding work and contributions in the field of Islamic med

Muslims Donate Blood to Save Lives of Neighbors

On Friday, July 13, 2012, the program of community blood drives promoted by Community Builders Chicago (CBC), this summer came to a conclusion. Over 210 area Muslims volunteered a

Another Tragedy

Another tragic day. Another fateful night. Another day of national mourning. By Azher Quader It was Columbine High School, Colorado, in 1999 which claimed the lives of 12 young

After New Year’s Eve

By Azher Quaider The New Year Eve’s celebrations are over. The crowds in Time Square have gone home. The fireworks at Navy are done. 2011 has now become history. It is time

As I See it

By Azher Quader As the Muslim world wrestles with dictatorial rulers to remove them from power and establish popular democracies, allowing for greater freedoms and greater choic

Two Americas

By Azher Quader Executive Director, Community Builders Chicago www.mycommunitybuilders.com azherquader@yahoo.com The preamble to the US Constitution reads: We the People of the

CCN to Host Free Health Screenings at 48th Annual ISNA Convention

Compassionate Care Network (CCN) to provide free health screenings and Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive at ISNA Convention (Chicago, IL – June 9, 2011) As thousands of

CCN to Host Free Health Screenings at 48th Annual ISNA Convention

Compassionate Care Network (CCN) to provide free health screenings and Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive at ISNA Convention (Chicago, IL – June 9, 2011) As thousands of

CCN Holds Third Annual Banquet

It was another evening  of inspirational talk as Compassionate Care Network (CCN) celebrated it third annual banquet  on Saturday, Nov 20, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Northsh

Letter to Editor re. Azher Quader

The Muslim Observer is to be highly commended and praised for serving it’s constituency by printing a highly inspiring and freshly-composed essay on “Love of Divineâ

True Love for the Divine

By Azher Quader As Americans go about serenading their sweethearts on Valentines Day each year in the middle of February, love often arrives gift wrapped as a box of chocolates o


Naziruddin Ali passes By Dr. Azher Qauder CHICAGO, IL--Br. Naziruddin Ali passed away Dec 1, 2006 in Chicago, leaving behind a grief-struck community of family and friends. H

As the Dust Settles: Is the View Any Clearer?

By Azher Quader As the dust settles from the fallen towers of 9/11, as the grief lingers, as the anger remains, as the nightmare haunts, as the fear of the unknown surrounds, as