New York man arrested in Hawaii after sharing photos of himself violating state quarantine orders

by Aysha Qamar Despite stay-at-home orders in place and non-essential travel being discouraged nationwide, some Americans are still continuing to enjoy vacations amid the novel

I don’t eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, here’s why

by Aysha Qamar A reflection piece for non-Muslims to understand the benefits of Ramadan If Ramadan was a person and I had a chance to say one thing to them, it would be “I

Lawsuit: ‘Botched’ search warrant wrongly issued results in Black woman killed by police in her home

by Aysha Qamar Two months ago on March 13, another innocent person of color lost their life at the hands of law enforcement. Kentucky resident Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by

Obamas to hold virtual commencement ceremony for graduating seniors nationwide

by Aysha Qamar Paging former president Barack Obama: You are cordially invited to the class of 2020 commencement. Thousands of students throughout the country took to Twitter to

At least 5 states report an increase in calls to poison control after Trump’s ‘disinfectant’ COVID-19 remarks

by Aysha Qamar Calls to poison centers have increased in a number of states following Donald Trump’s suggestion last week that disinfectants be considered a possible treatme

Wisconsin sees at least seven cases of COVID-19 as a result of in-person voting amid pandemic

by Aysha Qamar As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, events nationwide are being canceled, but not without protest. States across the country have postponed elections in

Muslim woman sues city of Yonkers after being forced to remove hijab

by Aysha Qamar In a civil rights lawsuit filed Wednesday, a Muslim woman alleged that police in Yonkers, New York, forced her to remove her hijab. Ihsan Malkawi said that poli

At least 1 Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for coronavirus

by Aysha Qamar In the first known animal case in the U.S., a tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, federal officials and the zoo said Sunday in a

We Should Celebrate Muslim Women’s Everyday

by Aysha Qamar Muslim-Americans continue to face Islamophobia and discrimination based on their religion and appearance. Despite Muslims making strides in their community and

Muslim man running for Congress helped pay the medical debt of a man who sent him Islamophobic tweets

by Aysha Qamar After receiving anti-Muslim tweets from a man in his district, Qasim Rashid, a Muslim candidate running for Congress in Virginia, did something unexpected. He don

No Ban Act shows that Trump’s travel ban isn’t just a Muslim issue—it’s a global problem

by Aysha Qamar Fear of a new travel ban, or more specifically of a broader Muslim ban, arose in January after the Associated Press reported that the White House was reviewin

Despite growing coronavirus dangers, Trump’s ego vows to move forward with MAGA rallies

by Aysha Qamar Despite growing fears of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, Donald Trump plans to continue his campaign “as normal,” with no intention of cancel

COVID-19, Coronavirus fears lead Saudia Arabia to close borders to foreign pilgrims

by Aysha Qamar Amidst fear of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Saudi Arabia has temporarily closed its doors to foreign pilgrims, including those traveling to visit the holie

Trump praises Modi’s leadership and India’s ‘religious freedom’ despite ongoing attacks on Muslims

by Aysha Qamar Deadly protests overshadowed Donald Trump’s recent two-day visit to India, with at least 53 people killed and more than 150 injured in New Delhi, officials sa

India builds a wall to hide its poor days before Trump’s visit, leaving thousands homeless

by Aysha Qamar India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is often compared to Donald Trump, especially when it comes to his anti-Muslim policies. Now Modi has made international

Trump campaign manager deletes Air Force One photo after being told it’s from 2004

by Aysha Qamar Following Donald Trump’s habit of deleting tweets, his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, quickly deleted a tweet showing a photo of Air Force One at the Daytona

The Air Force has updated its dress code policy to include hijabs and turbans

by Aysha Qamar In a move towards increasing religious inclusion and accommodation, the US Air Force has updated its dress code policy to include an approval process for Muslims

New York City demands justice after ICE shot a man in the face

by Aysha Qamar Dozens have gathered outside of Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers shot an unarmed 26-year-old man in

DHS to exclude New Yorkers from travel programs in retaliation for state ‘sanctuary’ policies

by Aysha Qamar The Trump administration is making another retaliatory move against states that push back against its policies—this time, the punishment impacts travelers fro

Trump has expanded his travel ban to six more countries, effective February 22

by Aysha Qamar Fear of a new travel ban, or Muslim ban, circulated through the Whitehouse when documents were internally shared in January. Now that fear has become a realit

New State Department rule to make it more difficult for pregnant applicants to get U.S. visas

by Aysha Qamar The U.S. State Department released a new rule on visas Thursday, scheduled to be published on Jan. 24, aimed at decreasing so-called birth tourism. “Birt

Northeastern University student from Iran deported by CBP despite court order delaying removal

by Aysha Qamar Protesters gathered at Boston’s Logan International Airport Monday after hearing that a foreign student was being detained and facing potential deportation.

Communities remain unprepared for the (after-) school shootings that nobody talks about

by Aysha Qamar In 2019, students in the United States faced more than 40 shootings during school hours. Schools practice active shooter drills year-round, but often don

Oregon woman charged with hate crime after allegedly grabbing hijab off student’s head

by Aysha Qamar After she failed to appear in court for her arraignment, authorities issued an arrest warrant for a woman in Oregon who is facing hate crime charges for alleged

Americans of all faiths come together in solidarity following 9 anti-Semitic attacks in New York

by Aysha Qamar Americans nationwide have come together in solidarity to condemn attacks that targeted the Jewish community this month in New York. Within the last two weeks,