Muslim Chaplain appointed to NYPD

NEW YORK, NY–The NYPD has appointed a Muslim Imam to counsel Muslim members of the force on faith and other matters. Imam Khalid Latif, 24, is currently working on a Master’s degree from Hartford Seminary and has served as chaplain at Princeton and New York Universities. He plans to retain his position at NYU. Earlier there was speculation that he might accept job offers at either Yale or Harvard.


Police Commissioner Ray Kelly estimates that thousands of Muslims work in the department. Exact figures are not available as employees are not obligated to disclose their religious background.

“It is my hope that I can use this position as a means to educate not only the members of the New York City Police about truly what Islam stands for, but also the New York City community as a whole,” Imam Latif told the press.

“The diversity in the city is not like anywhere else. All the traditional and cultural backgrounds – male, female, young, old – I feel is indicative of what the NYPD stands for as an institution,” Latif said. “It is a reflection of that diversity as is NYU. You do have a lot of opportunity to create dialogue and not neglect that which is different.”