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Dr. Mona Imam receives award

MARIETTA,OH–Dr. Mona Imam, allergy and asthma immunologist at Marietta Memorial Hospital, was recently awarded the Area Health Education Center Award for Cultural Competency by Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. This award is annually given to clinical teachers who demonstrate exemplary leadership in collaborating with students from different cultures.

“Dr. Imam taught a large number of students and not one of them gave her a bad evaluation,” said Sarah McGrew, director of predoctoral education at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. “This shows that she is well respected among her students.”

TX halal abattoir project delayed

DALLAS, TX–Plans for a halal slaughterhouse in Corsicana have been delayed after the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has asked for briefs regarding the proposed facility, the Corsican Daily Sun reported.

The American Zabiha Meat Inc., a halal slaughterhouse, had expected to receive its water discharge permit as a matter of no dispute, since the company states it doesn’t intend to discharge the water off-site.

Now, the permit has been delayed, the state’s response to an objection from the Citizens Against Slaughter House (CASH), which asked for more information on the issue, such as how much water it will be and where he intends to discharge it on his own property.

The group filed a request to stop the permitting process on July 9, asking for more specifics on the holding of the water, and where he intends to discharge it. According to the TCEQ, 13 letters were received on the issue.

The company, American Zabiha Meat, Inc., is owned by Shamsul Ahmed, who has 200 acres near the county line. When he applied to build a 4,000-square-foot slaughterhouse for specialty meat processing, the Navarro County planning and zoning office asked him to get a state water discharge permit before building.

Normally, the company would fall under the permit-by-rule process.

Muslim inmates sue prison for food costs

WILKES BARRE, PA–Two Muslim inmates at the State Correctional Institution at Retreat have filed a federal lawsuit against the prison, alleging officials are discriminating against members of their faith by failing to provide specialized food to celebrate two Islamic holidays.

Muslim inmates at SCI Retreat were permitted to take part in special feasts associated with the Islamic celebrations id-al-fitr and id-al-adha, but only if the inmate paid for the specialized foods, which include fish, fried rice and sweet potato pie, out of their inmate account. That differs from the treatment given Christian inmates, who are not required to pay for special foods served at Easter and Christmas.

The suit further notes that Christian inmates are provided a “Christmas bag” containing commissary items, which is paid for out of the general inmate welfare fund that is supported by commissary purchases and other, non-state-funded sources.

“It is difficult if not impossible for the defendants to claim any burden by accommodating indigent Muslims with the two feasts when they give out the ‘Christmas Bag’ free of charge,” the suit says.


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