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Let ALLAH be your only Savior

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, MMNS

“Relate to them the story of the man to whom we sent our signs, But he passed them by:  So Satan followed him up and he went astray.   If it had been Our Will, We would have elevated him with Our Signs; but he inclined to the earth, and followed his own vain desires…….”


This verse in the Qur’an is a clear warning to those endowed with the ability to comprehend the message that ALLAH sent through His Prophet to human beings.  ALLAH equipped this person with certain abilities.  But he ignored them and left himself wide open for the onslaught of Satan.

How often do we see people that ALLAH has blessed with a tremendous amount of energy and clarity of vision, let themselves be duped into believing they are almost invincible.  This is what can happen when the very first ayah of The Qur’an is disregarded.

Al-Fatiha, the first ayah, only focuses on two things: one that ALLAH is the only Deity, and two, we ask for Him to guide us to the path He has laid out for us.  And in this Al-Fatiha, He, ALLAH, alone is the object of our worship.  And we say that He alone is the one we ask for help for anything that ails us.  Therefore He alone is the One who can save us from any and all adversity…including ourselves.  To do this we must have faith.  We must have faith that ALLAH is true to His Word; that following His directives will produce the desired results as promised.

To have faith in ALLAH is to trust Him in good times and bad times, in prosperity and poverty, when we have made intelligent decisions or dumb mistakes.  Things don’t always go as we plan.  Sometimes we can do something so stupid that we doubt our sanity.  But keeping faith in ALLAH by using our conscious minds can save us and help get us back on track.

On another level, how many of us realize that ALLAH has favored you by just allowing you to be Muslim?  You could have gone astray and become something else. It is no secret that Islam and being Muslim is the highest level of existence for a human being.  Regardless of the level of the station you find yourself on, being a Muslim automatically elevates you above those on the same intellectual, economic, or financial level.  If you are a street sweeper, you will be a superior street sweeper.  It’s the same if you happen to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist.  Your colleagues will not (cannot) surpass you as long as your Islamic principles are intact.

It is also important to realize that using the gifts and skills ALLAH gives us requires gratitude to Him who equipped you with them,    If you are gifted to be a street sweeper, before you take one stroke with the broom you should see if this broom stroke will be pleasing to ALLAH or will it serve the enemies of mankind.  If you use the broom to sweep garbage from in front of your house to the walkway in front of your neighbor’s house, ALLAH will not be pleased with that.  However, if the broom makes the environment beautiful, it is a certainty ALLAH is pleased.

Remember; keep your sights on ALLAH.  Make ALLAH your only Savior.  Your eyes will not wander or waver to things less than you….who can’t even save themselves.

It is not difficult to please ALLAH and you don’t have to be intellectually on a superhighway to understand it.  Just submit your God-given moral consciousness to His service and you will be successful.

As Salaam alaikum
Al Hajj Imam Abdullah El-Amin

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