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New Community Clinic At Pakistan Center

It is called The Swaab Community Clinic. At a solemn and well attended Iftar-&-Dinner event at the Pakistan Center, this Swaab Community Clinic got inaugurated at South Dairy Ashford @ Bissonnet in Southwest Houston. This community welfare project will provide Medical Services at very nominal charge Monday to Friday between 10AM.-2PM., while on Saturday with extended hours; it will be a FREE Clinic: All at Pakistan Center. This community welfare project has been started by Dr. Ejaz of Clinical Trial Network and Tariq Khan of Weekly Pakistan Chronicle and Pakistan Journal. After Ibna-e-Sina and Shifa Clinics, this is going to be the third community facility provided by our community, which are open to the larger American Community. Our newspaper staff congratulates all the community members and the pioneers of The Swaab Community Clinic.

CAIR-Houston Banquet

“Let’s make the Environment around us healthy by letting the Conversation to Begin”: Dr. Tarek Hussein at CAIR-Houston’s 6th Annual Banquet

Five days before Ramadan started, the Houston Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Houston) held their sixth annual banquet with the theme “Let the Conversation Begin.” Some 400 people attended the event, including public officials, law enforcement personnel, members of the media, friends from other faith communities, and representatives from several Islamic centers.

“This annual CAIR event is a chance for the Houston community to celebrate its accomplishments in civil rights, interfaith relations and civic empowerment,” said CAIR-Houston’s President Dr. Tarek Hussein. “CAIR’s successes are a direct result of the support and participation of the Muslim community.”

The main address was given by CAIR-Southern California Executive Director Hussam Ayloush. Other salient speakers included CAIR-Houston’s President Dr. Tarek Hussein, Texas State Representative Dora Olivia, Director Shariq Abdul Ghani, Sugar Land’s Mayor David Wallace, Congressman AL-Green, Councilman M. J. Khan, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Congressman Nick Lampson’s Staff Adeel Zeb.

Dr. Tarek Hussein in his welcome address thanked all the dignitaries and members of the community for coming and emphasized on dialogue. “Traditionally the foundation of knowledge is conversation, as it familiarizes us based on exchange of ideas to reach concluding resolutions. We can change our environment and future by letting the dialogue to begin. Isolation by Muslims has hurt us. We need to come out and engage in positive dialogue with our neighbors and fellow countrymen.” said Dr. Tarek Hussein

Director CAIR-Houston Shariq Abdul Ghani informed about CAIR’s initiative “Flying While Muslim”. The premise of this campaign is to have Muslims, who have been discriminated against at airports, while traveling throughout the US and its territories, report any incidents which occur from the time they enter the departing airport to the moment they walk out of the arrival airport. If one feels to have been set aside to be searched, baggage intentionally mishandled, interrogated or questioned, or any other act that one may feel is unfair or inappropriate due to your religion or race then you need, then report it to CAIR-Houston at 713-838-CAIR or E-Mail: SGhani@CAIRHouston.Org – Website: www.CAIRHouston.Org Another field in which CAIR has done much is the effect of Immigration policies on the community and how to handle them: Like for instance the Citizenship Delays.

Texas State Representative Dora Olivia said she understands the human rights issues of Muslims, since she is Mexican American. She emphasized on more of similar events, where people of different background could intermingle with each other and understand different cultures. This understanding of each other is vital and organizations like CAIR are much needed, since in USA, organized people and organized ideas to resolve issues of all Americans. She said she ahs found CAIR to be very methodically run, assisting people of various backgrounds without any discrimination.

Mayor David Wallace of Sugar Land emphasized on the strength in diversity and said Sugar Land is the perfect example and is now considered as one of the best places to live and raise family in USA.

Reading the Proclamation from Nick Lampson, Adeel Zeb said: “CAIR’s efforts to educate through sensitivity training and workshops are commendable.”

City Councilman M. J. Khan said that he is bothered, when someone says to tolerate each other: Usually we tolerate bad weather or bad cold. But for human beings, what we need is to respect each other. And this is the shinning example shown by CAIR through their efforts to make sure human rights of no one get violated: This indeed is a noble and visionary cause. Great ambassador we need to be. Reach out – Always be available and serve them as much as you can.”

AL-Green: “I am proud to have a beard, which means that I have been stopped at the airport various times, as the people on the desk do not know me. Beard means you have the courage to be yourself, in line with nature.” AL-Green said he always honored to be at CAIR’s event, since this organization is not only working for Civil Rights, but the God Giving Human Rights. He said those who will trample with any of these rights, AL-Green will stand up against that with CAIR on the side and even if AL is dead, his spirit will come to haunt.

The main address was given by CAIR-Southern California Executive Director Hussam Ayloush talked about the alarming rise in the wrongful fear of Islam called the Islam-o-Phobia. Even Congresspersons are using words like Islam-o-Fascists and one the Presidential Elections contenders from Republican Party has even said to destroy Mecca and Medina (if incidents similar to 9/11 happen). Hussam Ayloush said these tensions will continue to escalate, unless rationale thinking people do not com closer and talk to each. Muslims need to engage in dialogue at local both the national level and sited examples as to how CAIR is fulfilling this obligation on behalf of the Muslim Community.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee asked everybody to consider her as the sister, who will always speak for the rights of oppressed and right now she is working hard for the people of Darfur Sudan to bring them their rights. She said membership with CAIR is important, but the thing more significant than that is to learn and know the vision – Yes: Come forward and work on the vision of CAIR, which is indeed very noble to bring Justice For All.

Congressman Nick Lampson’ and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s offices both awarded CAIR-Houston Proclamations in Honor of CAIR’s civil rights and community relations work.

For more information on CAIR-Houston programs, contact Director Shariq Abdul Ghani at 713-838-CAIR or E-Mail: SGhani@CAIRHouston.Org – Website: www.CAIRHouston.Org.


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