Asma Hanif… A Helper in Need of Your Help

Editor’s note:  Many of you remember TMO’s recent profile of  Asma Hanif, documenting her diligent work to support the community.  Now we can see that she is in a difficult situation and could use your help.

“I don’t know how to say ‘no’…if I do…what will I say to Allah on the day of judgement? How could I admit that I didn’t aid His servant?No…if a sister or a family needs my help…I have t0 respond.” 

Asma Hanif



As a young girl–and even before she embraced Islam–Asma had a deep desire to help others; so it came as no surprise that Asma would study nursing, and open a community free clinic (Al-Nissa Holistic Health Center) and then a shelter for Muslim women(Muslimat Al-Nissa); and work tirelessly in both.


Please help Asma continue her work with a tax-deductible donation to Muslimat Al-Nissa


Asma recently lost her mother in death.  Her mother had been ill for some time and Asma’s hope was to be able to personally care for her mother in her last days.  However, her work in the clinic and shelter never allowed her to feel free to leave Maryland. Today, she struggles not only with the knowledge that she was not with her mother in her last moments–but also the debt of her mother’s final expenses.

Please help relieve Asma’s burden with words of condolence and a donation today. 


On behalf of MANA Majlis, Shura and Staff we express our most sincere and heart-felt condolences to Sr. Asma on the passing of her mother.  May Allah Almighty strengthen and  comfort you in your time of grief.

Send condolences and donations directly to Asma at the address below

Mark donations “funeral expenses”

Asma Hanif  c/o Muslimat Al Nisaa
5115 Liberty Heights Ave,
Baltimore, MD 21207


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