Humanitarian Work: The installation of a new hand pump in a Hindu village by the philanthropic Hassan Foundation of Michigan

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Humanitarian Work: The installation of a new hand pump in a Hindu village by the philanthropic Hassan Foundation of Michigan

By TMO Staff

A Hindu Temple in the area that benefited from the Hassan Foundation’s new well. Women get water from the new well in the village.

The Hassan Foundation of Michigan installed a new well with a hand pump which has proved to be a boon to the residents of Chut Ram Kohli Ghot. The well will provide safe drinking water to the whole village. The village is located in Omar Kot district, Sindh, Pakistan that has 100 small houses scattered in few different streets with one primary school.

One of the major tasks undertaken by the Hassan Foundation is to provide drinking water in the villages of Pakistan that are devoid of such facilities, especially when the village women and children have to walk for miles to fetch water and that too contaminated water. This contaminated water is the primary source of many prevailing endemic diseases.  So far the foundation has installed over two hundred such wells in different villages of Pakistan that has benefited thousands of people.

Chut Ram Kohli Ghot village was one of those lucky villages. Based on the humanitarian need the village received especial attention. The research team decided to bore well in this hamlet after discovering the severe water shortage. They also discovered that the water table here was only between 23 to 70 feet deep. And another major factor in favor of the decision was the availability of the electricity for the bored well to pump the water.

The bored well has provided a great relief to the villagers of Chut Ram Kohli Ghot and to the primary school children who had experienced perpetual water shortages.

The villagers and children are overjoyed with these new developments. They no longer have to walk miles to fetch water.

The selection of this village was solely on the basis of humanitarian need rather than any other consideration; in fact the homes that benefited from the well are inhabited by Hindus.

Humanitarian need was the most important factor in selecting this village. The benevolent act stands in sharp contrast to the recent reports of maltreatment of minorities by rioting people in Pakistan.

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