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Israel, Iran and Fear

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO

Oakland–MECA (the Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance), a multi-sectarian charitable org dedicated to bringing relief to children within the Middle East – presently emphasizing the Maia project to transport clean water into Gaza schools, brought Ray McGovern,  a high-ranking retired (U.S.) C.I.A.  (the Central Intelligence Agency) analyst, who has “come out from the cold” came to the (San Francisco) Bay Area.  First, he asserts “Our friend…” (the U.S. Army Private) Bradley Manning, who released the raw, often classified documents to Wikileaks and for which he is currently under court martial, is “… a hero!”

McGovern unequivocally states that so many of Washington’s misguided foreign policy policies are “…Done in our name!” rhetorically asking, “Is it possible to stop them?”

He emphatically says that “There are so many inaccuracies out there.”  If anybody, he should know for his career was spent sifting fact from fiction within rough data.  “If you don’t know someone in the picture, how do you know what is real about him?  Thus, it is with Iran.”  Even so both the governments of Israel and the United States admit that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons planning in 2003.  

(In fact, Ray showed videos of the U.S.A.’s Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta’s, testimony to the American Congress and the Israeli Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak’s, before his Knesset [parliament] to this effect.)  “If either or both Washington and/or Tel Aviv attacks it will be a “War of Aggression which is illegal” under international law.  Any such War would impact Palestinians violently.

If and until Tehran would throw the U.N. (United Nations’) inspectors out, we have a very good idea of what Iran is doing with any potential nuclear capability – whether it is for energy or potential weaponization.  Furthermore, as long as those inspections go forward any propaganda is not based upon fact!  (Regrettably, Mr. McGovern estimates that most Americans receive most of their foreign news off the AP [the Associated Press’] newswire alone.)

Persia presumes it will require “alternative” power (i.e., nuclear in this case).  If anything the blockade has brought this home even more forcefully to the (Shia) Islamic Republic.  The District of Columbia (of which he was on the team at that former time) assessed the same on the future needs for the Land of the Ancient Medes in the 1970s during the last years of the Shah’s regime.
In Ray McGovern’s opinion, it is an enigma that while the United States unequivocally supports Israel, that very country is its worst enemy in that the latter places the former in the worst possible strategic positions. 

McGovern bemoans that the Turkish Islamist Prime Minister Recep Erdogen’s fury, over Israel’s attack and murder of nine of his nationals in Istanbul -flagged ships, while  in their endeavor to mitigate Gaza City’s suffering, cannot be channeled into  action.

According to Ray McGovern, the U.N.’s  I.A.E.A. (International Atomic Energy Agency) is in the pockets of D.C. (the District of Columbia).  Even so, “Most  C.I.A. analysts don’t believe [that] Iran has the bomb.”   During George Tenet’s tenure as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Tenet and the President (George W. Bush) workedttogether to create the mythology of an Iranian nuclear effort.

In 2007, a committee of sixteen American federal intelligence agencies concluded that Tehran gave up their project to weaponize in the aforementioned 2003, and every  C.I.A. Director since the seventh year of this millennium  has upheld that assessment even though Tel Aviv has been feeding the U.S.’ establishment doctored information.  Thus, the United States is facetiously dictating to “Iran [that] you better not do what you’re not doing!”

McGovern is fearful that our fantasies will come true because (Israeli Prime Minister) Netanyahu assumes he has (U.S. President) Obama in a corner, and, yes, “Netanyahu is afraid of Obama’s second term,” for Barack Hussein Obama realizes that “Iran is not Iraq!”  The analyst analysis is that Israel is one of the factors behind the spike in the price of gasoline in the North American homeland to leverage Romney and his Tea Party allies in his hope that the current Administration will falter at next  week’s polls.

The U.S.A. enables the IDF (Israeli Defense Force); therefore, the Metropolis (i.e., America) holds responsibility for the misdeeds of its client state.

He ends with paroles (words) for action.  We, “who live in the Heart of the Beast” — as the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevera described America, must go and convince their fellow citizens of the true reality, for “Traditionally, America wishes to be successful.”

“If D.C. becomes mired within a War with Iran, it will not be pretty, and, [ultimately,] dangerous to [the prestige of] the U.S.”

“It is not enough to tell this word [narrative], but to do it!”  McGovern message to the assembled was that we are not merely the victims of events, but players with agency for a fruitful resolution.


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