Muslim-Promoted “Cold Fire”

By Karima Friedemann, Muslim Media News Service (MMNS)

Boston–The Cambridge, Massachusetts Fire Department decided to evaluate the environmental advantages of an innovative break-through in safety technology called “Cold Fire,” promoted by AIM International, Inc., a Boston-based corporation.

Dr. Mohamed of AIM International, which is promoting the miracle anti-fire product

Sudanese-American retired Boston University professor of Mass Communication, Dr. Abdel Rahman Mohamed, PhD, is CEO and Director of Safety Technology for this corporation.

On Saturday, July 23, TMO attended a demonstration of this new fire extinguisher in a towing yard in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Cold Fire” put out magnesium, wood, tire, and fuel oil fires. Unlike conventionally extinguished conflagrations, the presenters could not rekindle any of the fires no matter how hard they tried.

Cold Fire is an EPA-listed ecologically friendly solution of complex organic compounds derived from naturally fire-retardant chemicals found in plants.

Cold Fire was able to extinguish a tire warehouse fire in 15 minutes and reduced the building’s heat-collapse factor below risk temperature.

Cold Fire absorbs vaporized fuel to act as an anti-catalyst. Because it contains massive organic molecule chains, Cold Fire absorbs the energy that could sustain combustion before more fuel can transition to the gaseous state in order to take part in further oxidation reactions.

A car soaked with five highly combustible flammables and burning for five minutes, was extinguished by Cold Fire in only 17 seconds. Non-flammable, biodegradable, non-corrosive, safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and ecologically safe, Cold Fire demonstrates tremendous thermal insulating as well as heat absorbing capacity.

Cold Fire prevents the spread of fire and re-ignition by rapid cooling. It reduces the density of smoke, increases visibility, and eases breathing as it enhances water penetration to extinguish the fire faster with less water. It helps prevent heat exhaustion in firefighters and extinguishes fires faster than anything else. Cold Fire costs the same as conventional fire extinguishers.

Fire & Safety Consultant, Mr. Holtzclaw, 13 year Cambridge Fire Department veteran, who was injured in the line of duty and for the past 2 years has been working with AIM, said, “Everybody, especially fire-fighters MUST know about Cold Fire to stop senseless death and injury of so many of us. I wish Cold Fire was available when I was injured.”

NASA, the US military, Florida Police, NY/NJ Port Authority, the automobile racing industry, Michelin, oil refineries, and power plants have used Cold Fire.

Cold Fire was tested and approved in New York, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, China, Philippines, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Cold Fire is available for sale online—you can buy a 12 oz. can for $16, or a 5 gallon concentrate for $150. One source for the “miracle-product” is


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