Asia’s Biggest Food Street

By Almas Akhtar, TMO

Port-Grand-KarachiPort Grand is the biggest food street of Asia located near the Netty Jetty bridge in Karachi,Pakistan. Netty Jetty Bridge is a very old landmark of the city.It is situated behind Beach Luxury Hotel near Karachi Boat Club.On one side of the food street is the Napier Tavern which is located under a hundred year old tree. This Tavern was originally built by Charles Napier the conqueror of Sindh.This street has been build in the last five years with a total cost of $1 billion. Its architecture is a combination of Modern and  Colonial style. It is a beautiful view with colorful lights and metal antique style benches along the street and the scenic view of Arabian Sea on the other side.

It has many different types of cuisine Pakistani to Chinese ,Thai,Arabic and also French. There are street ‘thela walas’ selling corn on the cob to ‘kachoris’ and ‘pani puri’. ”Macherey” is a seafood restaurant and “Ghaffar’s Kabbab House” serving’ kabbabs ‘and ‘parathas’. ”Chairman Mao” has some delicious Chinese food. At the entrance there are candy stores selling cotton candy and chocolate bars.A local delicacy ‘lassi’ and ‘kulfi’ along with hot chocolates are also sold here.

On the other end of the food street is a huge shopping mall with designer stores and two huge book stores.At the far end  you can see a ‘tota faal’ which is a parrot reading your fortune and a guy dressed up in traditional dress selling ‘paan’.

Port Grand is visited by over 5,000 people every day.People also enjoy fire works and musical shows on the weekends.


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