TMO Stages Successful Subscription Drive

By Adil James, TMO

(l-r, standing) Shahid Tahir, Faiz Khan, and Dr. AS Nakadar give a presentation about the accomplishments of TMO to the Flint Islamic Center.

The Muslim Observer’s CEO Dr. AS Nakadar spoke after maghrib prayers Friday night at the Flint Islamic Center to promote his newspaper.

With Dr. Nakadar were Pakistan radio personality Faiz Khan and political insider Shahid Tahir, who both spoke in support of TMO and Dr. Nakadar’s efforts.

Shahid Tahir pointed out that Dr. Nakadar has put “over 1 million dollars of his own money” into the running of the newspaper.

The subscription drive was a success because of the heartfelt support of those who attended, with several of the FIC’s community pillars including Dr. Jondy and Dr. Jammal Hammoud cajoling the attenders to buy one subscription for home and another for the office.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the FIC members to express concerns about the articles covered in the newspaper–many in the community had concerns that the full story of the Syrian tragedy currently unfolding is not properly addressed in the newspaper.

Dr. Nakadar argued that Islamophobia is a creation of the mainstream media, which results from the way in which crimes by Muslims are framed in relation to their faith, whereas crimes by non-Muslims are framed in relation to their mental illness.

He spoke as well about the influence of TMO, citing meetings of journalists where he was able to point out bias in other newspapers to their editorial staff, and citing also articles which after printing in TMO had “gone viral” and had had disproportionate effects in the countries they were about.  As an example he cited a story by Nargis Hakim about political violence in Bangladesh.

Dr. Nakadar spoke about the political connections TMO had made from the congressional level up to the presidential level, citing TMO’s being among the newspapers receiving press releases from those sources.

The meeting was very successful for TMO, garnering about $2,000 in new subscriptions for the newspaper–many of the new subscriptions will go to local libraries, some to both offices and homes of those who were present.


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