The Durand Border Between Pakistan and Afghanistan 

By Mahvish Akhtar The Pakistani government has been facing turmoil with the new Taliban-led Afghan government in terms of border control and fencing.  There has been a video

Issue 1 Volume24 January 2022 Print

Issue 1 Volume24 January 2022 Print

Hashir Faruqi: A legendary Muslim Journalist

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  With the demise of Mohammed Hashir Faruqi, the world not only lost an eminent journalist but a thinker, humanist, and a voice of reason. The 92-year-old

Op Ed: A Muslim Perspective on a Trip to Spain

by Nida Imam With the start of this new year, I feel compelled to gleefully reminisce on an international trip that I took last year. This past fall, I had the opportunity to trav

Omicron Surge Causes COVID-19 Pandemic Record

by Yousuf Ali The latest situation regarding covid has been severe with the pandemic hitting a record due to rise in the omnicron variant. According to CNBC, the US hit a pandem

Persecuted Christians in India

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  An American human rights activist is on a hunger strike protesting the persecution of Christians and other minorities

Hunger Strike by an American activist for persecuted Christians in India

By: TMO Staff An American human rights activist is on a hunger strike protesting the persecution of Christians and other minorities in India. Pieter Friedrich is an author, ac

Election not stolen: Arizona election officials debunk claims in state review of Trump’s 2020 loss

by Tmo Staff In a report, entitled Correcting the Record: Maricopa County’s In-Depth Analysis of the Senate Inquiry, which was released Wednesday on the eve of the annive

India investigates fake website that offered Muslim women for sale

by Diksha Madhok (CNN) The Indian government says it is investigating a website that purported to offer Muslim women for sale, the second time in less than a year that a fake on

The National Security Policy of Pakistan 

By Mahvish Akhtar A new era is beginning in Pakistan. It could be a change for the better or a failing government's last attempt at survival. The country approved its first Nati

Hundreds of Virginia high school students protest after Muslim girl is allegedly attacked at school

by Rehan Qamar More than 350 students from Fairfax High School in Virginia walked out in protest Thursday to show their solidarity with a student who was allegedly attacke

Meet Shahana Hanif, the first Muslim woman elected to New York City Council

by Aysha Qamar Asian Americans have made history by being elected in record numbers in major cities nationwide. “Firsts” have made headlines across the nation, including in

Jewish, Muslim volunteers deliver gifts to kids in Southwest Detroit on Christmas Day

by Nushrat Rahman Republished from the Detroit Free Press On Christmas Day, Santa delivered gifts to kids in southwest Detroit. Decked out in red, with a bag of presents in

Islamophobia: A new religion crafted by atheists, Christian evangelists, Hindu fascists and Zionists

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Photo: In this picture, the holiest of Hindu religious leaders and RSS and BJP spokespersons can be seen instigating Hindu masses, police, and military to

CAIR-Ohio Leader Found to be Spy for anti-Muslim Hate Group

by TMO Staff In news that has disheartened the Muslim community across the country, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)—the largest U.S. Muslim advocacy organizat

Issue 13 Volume23 December 2021 Print

Issue 13 Volume23 December 2021 Print

House Democrats introduce bill condemning anti-Muslim rhetoric

by Rehan Qamar Following the recent anti-Muslim remarks made by Rep. Lauren Boebert toward Rep. Ilhan Omar, more than 400 congressional staff members are calling on House leade

The Guardians of Islam’s Holiest Sites ban the world’s Largest Islamic Group

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Islamic Affairs declared the Tablighi Jamat a gate to terrorism and banned it in the Kingdom. The Muhammad Bin Salman dictatorial

Maine elects first Somali American Muslim mayor

by Aysha Qamar These last two years have been historic in terms of political representation. Across the country, Americans elected firsts to local, state, and federal seats. Ou

Op Ed: The Oppression Olympics

Why the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics is the exception that proves a rule. by Abdul El-Sayed This piece was first published on The Incision. The Uyghurs,

New Mexico mosque set on fire in the latest incident of Islamophobia in U.S.

by Aysha Qamar As hate crimes against people of color continue across the country, members of faith centers and organizations are bearing the brute of it. Faith institutions a

In Pakistan, a Mob Lynches and Burns Sri Lankan Man in a Blasphemy Related Incident

By Mahvish Akhtar A factory manager was lynched to death and then set on fire on accusations of blasphemy by his employees and an angry mob of hundreds this Friday. This took pl

Op Ed: Freedom of Expression

by Dr. Basheer Ahmed One of my friend sent a message through “WHATSAPP” “Raise your voice.......” When you attack black people they call it racism. When you attack

Islamophobic U.S. Congress members

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah  A white racist congresswoman representing Christianity and The Republican Party, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert ®, called representative Ilhan Omar a terror

Several School Districts Close in Aftermath of Oxford Shooting 

By Yousuf Ali On Tuesday Nov. 30, there was a school shooting in Oxford, Michigan in which 4 students passed away and 8 others were injured. In fact, this was the deadliest scho