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Islamic Ethics, Praxis, and Spirituality

By Imam Dr Ahcmet Salie In Islam, ethics, praxis, family, and spirituality are sanctuaries. The moral mission of our exemplar (uswatun ?asanah), the Prophet Muhammad (peace be with him), was to cultivate marvelous manners bu?ithtu li utammima mak?rimal akhl?q. Muslims have the 10-13 commandments, the Golden Rule, as well as the Nobel Laws to love […]

How much Does the Gun Lobby pay to buy the silence of people’s representatives?

By: TMO Staff Gun rights groups overwhelmingly supported GOP candidates, contributing $5.9 million in to Republican campaigns in the 2016 election cycle, compared with $106,000 to those of Democrats. In spite of the recent events in Florida, including the shooting affecting innocent school children- politicians, including our president, are blaming mental health issues rather than taking […]

Anti-Muslim protests Shut Down Winter Olympics prayer room

by Aysha Qamar The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has cancelled plans for a mobile prayer room in Gangneung for tourists at the 2018 Winter Olympics after strong opposition by anti-Muslim campaigners, the city tourism department’s chief told reporters. The KTO decided to build a prayer room to promote a “Muslim-friendly Korea” during the Winter Olympics, to  increase the number of Muslim […]

AFMI’s 26th Annual Convention Heralds New Dawn in Education

by Mohammed Ayub Khan JODHPUR, INDIA–The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (USA & Canada) held its 26th Annual International Convention and Gala Awards Ceremony in the historic city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India on December 30-31, 2017. The convention was held at the massive campus of Maulana Azad University in coordination with Marwar […]

Asylum seekers are sexully harassed, says the UN Refugee agency

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Asylum seekers are reporting sexual harassment and violence at some sub-standard reception centres on Greek islands – where even bathing during the daytime can be dangerous – despite Government measures to address the dire living conditions, the United Nations refugee agency warned on Friday. “In 2017, UNHCR [the Office of the […]

Violence Soars in Syria, Urgent Action is needed.

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has called for an immediate and unconditional de-escalation of violence in Syria as civilians in the war-torn country suffer through one of the most violent periods in nearly seven years of conflict. In a statement attributable to his spokesperson, Mr. Guterres stressed that “all concerned […]

World failing to stop the war on children

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah Describing January as “a dark month” in crisis-torn Middle East and North Africa, the United Nations Children’s Fund   director for the region said recently that the violence has had a devastating toll on children, who were being killed in ongoing conflicts or suicide attacks, or freezing to death as they […]

Pakistani Forces find Indian Girl Lost at Border

by TMO Staff What started out as an ordinary day for Pooja Meghwal turned into an adventure, when the seven-year-old girl strayed across the border to be found by Pakistani Rangers. Lost Meghwal made it home three days later, with new shalwar kameez, slippers and snacks. “The weight of the firewood on my head made […]

Detroit Michigan Welcomes Sakinah House

by Samana Sheikh The first women shelter developed and operated by Muslims has opened in Detroit, Michigan. Although, this transitional home is open to all women varying in religion and ethnic diversity; everyone is excited that Sakinah House is finally operating. “There was a need in the community to help those muslim women find a […]

2018: The Year of Government Shutdowns

by TMO Staff As we slept, the federal government was shut down due to long-term budget deal. This was the second time in three weeks that a government shutdown has taken place. The reason behind this shutdown is related to the shutdown that took place in January. Congress had agreed to keep the government running […]

Delectable Lamb Spaghetti

by Noor H. Salem In the past, we’ve discussed the recently growing trend of gluten-free foods, and the lack of scrumptious options when it comes to pasta. Opting for a gluten-free diet may in fact be relieving for you if you have celiac disease, or experience gluten intolerance symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, nausea, […]

SKYWALKER: The Art of Faith-Life Balance

by Noor H. Salem SkyWalker came to town, and no, it’s not related to Star Wars. It was an extraordinary event which came to the Tawheed Center of Farmington Hills on Saturday, and brought many with their new year’s resolution baggage. Almost one hundred students joined for a OneLink workshop hosted by Qabeelah Ittihaad Michigan. The […]

Tea: Beyond Just Warming Your Heart

by Noor H. Salem In this brittle cold season, picking up a cup of warm tea after having to walk a long distance to your car, or perhaps as you cuddle near the fireplace during a snow storm might feel like the pot of gold behind the rainbow. Tea is simply incredible; you steep from a […]

Noor’s Protein-Avocado Fudge Brownies

by Noor H. Salem When you hear brownies, you might subconsciously think of gooey and fattening squares of chocolatey goodness. Readily consumed brownies might contain excessive refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, genetically engineered ingredients, toxic preservatives and really, no nutritional benefit. When choosing to take the path of holistic wellness, many clients constantly express their concern of […]

Death of a Warrior

By Susan Schwartz This year has begun with the sad news of the passing of humanitarian activist and Palestine supporter, Patricia “Pat” McDonnell Twair. Pat died after a long and  courageous battle with a Parkinson’s Disease related illness. Pat’s life was that of an activist, and she pursued this calling largely (though not exclusively) through […]

NDM, Non-Denominational Muslims

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah A growing number of Muslims, especially in the US and Canada, now identify with an Islam that is non denominational. They can simply be called Muslims, however, if anyone wants to distinguish them as a separate category, they may be described Non Denominational Muslims or NDM. Who are they and what […]

Influenza Season Creates Havoc throughout the Country

by Anis Ansari This year influenza season seems to be moderately severe affecting all parts of United States with many sudden deaths reported in even young individuals. Unfortunately, this year’s vaccine against influenza has not been very effective. According to news reports, the vaccine has been only 10 percent effective against H3N2 and 33 percent […]

A Tragedy of Nuclear Proportions

by Haroon Imtiaz In an article on The Hill, Rebecca Kheel writes that members of the Senate Arms Services Committee have begun to assess the prospect of nuclear modernization. Kheel’s report comes after a committee meeting that was held on January 23, 2018, after which “…senators in both parties…expressed support for nuclear modernization.” A point […]