The Schemes of Satan – Divide and Conquer

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The Schemes of Satan – Divide and Conquer

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin

Muslims in Iraq and other places are killing and maiming each other at an alarming rate. Although it is questionable as to who is provoking this mayhem, it is having a devastating effect on the state of the Ummah. People who adhere to the Articles of Faith of Islam – namely, Oneness of ALLAH, the Prophets of ALLAH, the Books of ALLAH, the Angels, and the Day of Judgment – are acting as though someone with a slightly different practice of those Articles is your enemy. It is sad and disheartening to see Muslims of the same country – some of the same family – hating and killing each other knowing it only benefits the enemy of both groups, the devilish Shaitan.

In Detroit, great strides are being taken to erase these, real or imagined, feelings of hatred of your fellow Muslim brother or sister. The Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan is coordinating sessions bent on Shia/Sunni respect and working relationships. A “Muslim Code of Honor,” fashioned off one recently signed in Southern California, sets the tone of the cooperative spirit being built and will be signed on May 10, 2007, inshaALLAH. This code causes us to look at ourselves, and tolerate our actions, as the Prophet would have done. Remember, there were no Sunni/Shia divisions while Muhammad was physically here. This did not come until after he left this world. In much the same way, this modern-day Christianity was never practiced by Jesus, son of Mary.

ALLAH, The Almighty, says “…and they did not differ until knowledge came to them.” This verse is right on time because it seems some of those who have the most knowledge have the most tools to differ with each other. But they don’t seem to have the wisdom to utilize that knowledge for the good of the entire ummah.

There are almost as many ways to practice this religion as there are Muslims. In the Malaki school prayer is done with the hands at the sides and salaam is done one time to the right. Who told them to pray that way? What makes it right for Hanbali to wipe over the socks within 24 hours? Is this absolutely right and the others wrong? I don’t think they know if it is right or wrong because there is no evidence either ALLAH or the Prophet instructed such rituals. If they did, it would all be the same. These Schools of Thought are merely a way of thinking as to the practice of our submission to ALLAH. They are not infallible rituals that mean only your way is the way to Jannah.

So my point is, none of us has the right to say a different practice of the religion is wrong. Only ALLAH is the judge of that as He says all through the Qur’an that He will tell you the truth of what you did on this earth. So let us use the time we are given to build bonds with our brothers and sisters.

According to Imam W.Deen Mohammed, “Satan is out to defeat you right there, so you will be seen as ridiculous. He loves to make human beings look ridiculous. If we understand the scriptures, the Qur’an and the Bible about Satan’s hopes and aspirations, Satan’s hopes was to finally deceive people in the best places of their religious world – the holy sanctuaries, in the most sacred places. Satan had a plan to defeat the Christians in their most sacred places and Satan has a plan to defeat the Muslims in our most sacred places.” And I might add – “using our most decent and intelligent people.

Let’s not let him get away with it. ALLAH has warned us. We must pay heed.

As Salaam Alaikum
(Al Hajj) Abdullah Bey El-Amin


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