Press Release: Television Show Seeks Muslims

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Press Release: Television Show Seeks Muslims

12 yard Productions
February 13, 2007

Without Prejudice (Working Title) / Game Show Network
From the Producers of The Weakest Link is an entertainment hybrid reality show that will be sure to push people’s buttons. Five ordinary members of the public decide between them which one contestant is going to be given a large sum of money.

The 5 people hoping to be given the money do not have to answer any quiz questions, eat any disgusting foods, race around the world, live in house with degenerates or jump out of a plane to prove themselves worthy. Instead, the panel of 5 will determine who gets the cash simply by hearing information about each contestant’s life and deciding who they like the most or perhaps hate the least.

They will hear all about each contestants beliefs, family status, salary and occupation….they will also be shown photographs and interview the hopefuls which will all go towards building a case for each contestant to win the money. However, there will be no sob-stories – this isn’t about being the most deserving.

Instead, it’s about the panel themselves and how they reveal their prejudices through their judgments…..

Would the panel rather give the cash to a man or a woman? To a Jehovah’s Witness or an agnostic? To a gay person or a straight person? To someone who believes in the death penalty or someone who is anti-abortion? To a mother of 5 kids living on welfare or a self-made businessman? To a republican or democrat? To someone fit or someone who’s clearly not?

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