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Obituary: Arif Syed

Dallas, TX–Arif Sayed, a jewelry wholesaler and experienced businessman for 33 years, was killed in Huntsville, Texas, after an altercation with thieves who attempted to steal merchandise from his van.

Mr. Sayed of Sayed Wholesale left the International Gem & Jewelry show in Houston on April 17th around 6 p.m. to return to Dallas.  Upon noticing thieves stealing merchandise from his van, he ran outside and was struck by the suspects’ vehicle.  He was taken to Hermann Hospital via Life Flight with a severe head injury. Mr. Sayed died April 20th at the age of 59.

Arif was from Budaun, U.P. India.  He immigrated to America in 1980 and lived in Dallas with his wife Khalda, and three children.  He will be remembered for his caring, humorous, and generous nature, which made him a beloved figure in his family and in the community. His hard work and experience will continue to be admired by all including the jewelry community.  He leaves behind his family and two beloved grandchildren.



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