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Special Request for Host Families

Press Release

world travelWondering if you might be able to pass this along to anyone (families, teachers, community) you think might be interested in hosting an exchange student. This is a great cultural experience not only for the family, but school and community as well. We are in great need of host families or even temporary welcome families! Please help us find all of these great kids homes!

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in possibly hosting an exchange student for the 11/12 school year. We have students 15-18 years old from around the world that will be arriving in late August for 5 or 10 months. We need host families for these students. We have students interested in a variety of activities including  all kinds of sports, scouts, youth groups, piano, art, dance music, reading, math/science, skiing, baseball, soccer, volleyball, hiking/camping, basketball, choir, band, drawing and painting.

Without host families, we would not be able to help these students achieve their American Dream! Host families need only to provide a bed for the student and meals at home. Students can share a room with another kid. All other expenses are the student’s responsibility. Host Families can consist of all make-ups such as single parent families, singles, couples with no kids, retirees, empty nesters, etc. These students make great mentors to younger children as well.

Host Families provide the following to host a student:

-          A bed for the student (students can share a room)
-          Meals at home
-          Loving, caring, environment for the student

Students come with the following:

-          Ability to speak English at a high school level
-          Complete Health Insurance
-          Spending money for anything they need including hygiene items, school supplies, clothes, long distance phone calls, etc)
-          Open mind about their American experience

We have students from all over the world including:  Australia. Brazil, Italy, Denmark, Japan, Mongolia, Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Colombia, Korea, Slovakia, China, Taiwan, Belgium, Mexico, and many more.

Your help is greatly appreciated, as we have several students to place with good host families! Exchange students can be a positive influence on your family, school, and community!

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can give the exciting news to the student that their American dream is going to come true!

We are also looking for a few local coordinators as well. This is a paid, flexible part time position. Visit our website for details and to apply. www.chinet.org/ayp
Lisa Cabadas
Area Administrator- Michigan
Cultural Homestay International (CHI), a non-profit organization
Email: chilisa@chinet.org
877-706-2508 toll free
313-580-9594 cell


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