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Muhammad Ali receives ‘Lifetime Humanitarian’ Award

malcolm and Ali

LOUISVILLE,KY–Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was honored with the Muslim Journal’s ‘Lifetime Humanitarian’ Award in recognition of his positive influence around the world.  Ali couldn’t attend the event due to the weather but his wife sent a video message thanking the organizers.

More than a dozen people from Louisville and around the country also received awards. Olympic track star Carl Lewis received the “World Acclaimed Athlete” award and U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth received the “Good Government” award.

The Muhammad Ali Center received the “Cultural Legacy” award.

Ibrahim B. Syed, clinical professor of medicine at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, received the “Muslim Contribution to Civilization” award.

Muslim Community Center opens in Sioux Falls

SIOUS FALLS.SD–The tiny Muslim community in Sioux Falls, made up of mostly professionals, finally has a place to pray. The center opened last Saturday in a grand ceremony.

Dr. Tariq Khan, one of the organizers of the event, told the Keloland Television that he was worried that more and more Muslims of the community would be moving to larger cities if they don’t have a community center.

“We had been looking around at different places and this was a place we all thought would fit the need,” Dr. Khan said. “You can have a place for kids to get together and play, a place for hosting different activities, lectures and workshops.”

The center has a prayer area, learning center, and room for other activities. In contrast to other cities the center faces no opposition from the local community.

Huma Khan spoke at Roger Bacon High School

CINCINNATI,OH–Roger Bacon, a Franciscan high school in Cincinnati, hosted Human Khan from the Islamic Center of Cincinnati to speak to the student body recently.

The basic idea and reason for the dialog was to give students the opportunity to learn about basic Islamic beliefs and practices, perhaps “unlearning” misconceptions about Islam.

“This gathering honors a Roger Bacon tradition, modeling the willingness of St. Francis to engage in a dialogue with the Sultan, Malik al-Kamil of Damietta, Egypt in 1219. St. Francis could not convince the Sultan to convert, but the Sultan, “perceiving in the man of God a fervor of spirit and a courage that had to be admired, willingly listened to him and invited him to stay longer,” said a press release from the school. 

Today there is a need more than ever for positive, honest, constructive dialogue between the Christians and Muslims. At the end of Huma’s presentation, the students had an opportunity for questions. Huma invited and encouraged faculty and staff to visit the Islamic Center in West Chester.

“It is a place where Muslims can worship, learn and congregate. It is also a place that welcomes non-Muslim neighbors and colleagues to come and tour the Center, learn about Islam and get to know there fellow Americans who are Muslims,” said Huma Khan.


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