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Houston Fire Department Shows Solidarity with their Counterparts in Karachi Pakistan

President of the Houston-Karachi Sister City Association Haroon Shaikh, in collaboration the most compassionate leadership of the City of Houston – Fire Department, has procured very nice contemporary fire fighting clothing as in-kind donation worth $150,000; for their counterparts in the City of Karachi – Fire Department. A formal ceremony of handing over of the Bill of Sale of the In-Kind Donation and one large Container full of these items professionally packed by voluntary efforts of the staff of the City of Houston – Fire Department, was held at the City of Houston Fire Department located at 1205 Dart Street, Houston, Texas 77007.

Houston fire department meets with Karachi firemen.

Our media outlet “Pakistan Publications, Inc. that brings out weekly newspapers Pakistan Chronicle and Pakistan Journal, on behalf of the Pakistani Community in US and all the Pakistanis in Pakistan, wants to express our gratitude to everyone at the City of Houston – Fire Department for their most earnest assistance to Karachi City (the gateway to Pakistan and beyond).

Present on the occasion from the City of Houston – Fire Department were Executive Assistant Chief of Logistics Jack Williams, Assistant Chief of Professional Development Kevin Alexander, Joe Cavazos, Steve Gloyna, Eddie Ramos, Richard Perez, Shawn Thomas, and Lavearn Newsome.

From the Houstonian Pakistani Community, Consul General of Government of Pakistan Aqil Nadeem, President of the Houston-Karachi Sister City Association Haroon Shaikh, Office-bearers-&-Volunteers of the Houston-Karachi Sister City Association Former City of Houston Councilperson Masrur Javed Khan, Dr. Barkat Ali Charania, Major (Retired) Najmi Sahab, Mohammad Zaheer, Kayhan Warsi, Faisal Ameen, Shamim Syed, and others.

The items are quite new and in very good conditions (purchased between December 2009 & august 2010). They include: Coats, Pants, Hoods, Gloves, Leather Boots, Rubber Boots, Helmets, and Suspenders.

“The Houston-Karachi Sister City Relationship is supported in both cities by organizations in a variety of fields, including trade, healthcare, education, and transportation,” said Haroon Shaikh.

“We are excited that after this salient consignment of Houston Fire Department, we are working with the US State Department and Houston Independent School District to initiate the first official Houston – Karachi students Exchange Program.” Mr. Shaikh added.

For more information about Houston-Karachi Sister City Association, one can call 713-227-3395.

Asian American PAC Endorses Candidates for November 2010 Elections

The Houston 80-20 Asian American political action committee (Houston 80-20 PAC) has released its list of endorsements for the November 2010 general election.

Houston 80-20 PAC is a non-partisan organization dedicated to keeping the Asian American community in the greater Houston area informed and engaged in the political process. Since many Asian American voters usually have little knowledge about the credentials or policies of the candidates, Houston 80-20 PAC has served as a guide by putting together a list of endorsed candidates for those races of interest to the Asian American community. Past Houston 80-20 PAC endorsements have been pivotal in determining the outcome of close local races.

Houston 80-20 PAC carefully screens candidates through written questionnaires and interviews.  A 2/3 super majority vote of the Endorsement Committee, which is made up of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents representing the diverse Asian American community in Houston, is required for endorsement in any race. Houston 80-20 PAC will promote their endorsed candidates through Asian ethnic media, mailers, phone calls, and block walking to registered Asian American voter households. Houston 80-20 PAC also provides transportation to the polls for seniors.

The Houston 80-20 PAC has endorsed the following candidates for elected office for election in Nov 2010:

U. S. Representative # 9: Honorable Al Green
U. S. Representative # 18: Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee
State Representative #26: Honorable Charlie Howard
State Representative #134: Honorable Kristi Thibaut
State Representative #137: Honorable Scott Hochberg
State Representative #149: Honorable Hubert Vo
Harris County Judge: Honorable Gordon Quan 
District Judge 209th Criminal Court: Honorable Mike McSpadden
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 15: Honorable Toni Ingverson
Treasurer Ft. Bend County: K.P. George

Houston 80-20 PAC will hold a fundraising dinner for the above endorsed candidates on Friday, October 15, 2010 at Golden Palace Restaurant. Anyone interested in attending please contact Cecil Fong at cecil.fong@gmail.com or call 832-758-2442. Houston 80-20 PAC urges the Asian American community to vote for the above slate of endorsed candidates during Early Voting starting October 20 through October 31 or on Election Day, November 4.


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